The Entire Bass University TV Library

"Dropping" Grass with Matt Herren
1-2 Punch for Bass Around the Spawn - Matt Arey
12 Best Baits for Winter Cold Front Bass Fishing - Iaconelli
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Best New Japanese Lures - Munenori
2018 Bassmaster Classic : In-Depth Frogs - Roumbanis
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Spotted Bass & Fish Head Jigs - Rob Jordan
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Aftco Fishing Apparel - Bill Shed
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Fish Head Spin Lures - Vinson
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Flipping Bushes - Gerald Spohrer
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Power Shakey Head - Hartman
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Pre Spawn on Lake Hartwell - Cobb
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Spotted Bass Fishing - Lucas
2018 Bassmaster Classic : Suspending Jerkbaits & Cashion Rods
2020 BASSKY Awards - December 2020
2020 Classic Champ Hank Cherry - March 2020
2020 Lake Fork MLF Champ Ott Defoe - March 2020
2021 Bassmaster Elite Sabine River Champ Jason Christie
2021 MLF REDCREST Lake Eufaula Champ Dustin Connell
2022 Bassmaster Elite Qualifier Josh Douglas - November 2021
2022 Bassmaster Elite Winning Lures - November 2022
2024 Bassmaster Classic Champion Justin Hamner - March 2024
2024 Bassmaster Elite Series - Ronnie Moore - December 2023
2024 New Year's Fishing Resolutions with John Soukup - January 2024
2D Sonar & GPS Electronics Fundamentals - Gluszek
2x Bassmaster Classic Tournament Champion Hank Cherry - June 2021
3 Great Soft Plastic Rigs Elite Class - Brandon Cobb
3 Scenarios for Glide Bait Tournament Success - Jocumsen
3 Stages of Sight Fishing for Bass - John Cox
3 Ways Bryan Thrift Fishes His Favorite Chatterbaits
360 Imaging & Side Imaging Electronics - Ott Defoe
360, Down, Side Imaging & Sonar - Ott Defoe : Remastered
4 Bass-Catching Wacky Jig Rigging Techniques - Mike Iaconelli
4 Techniques to Consistently Catch Bass - Ish Monroe : Remastered
5 Questions Rap Session with John Cox
5 Questions with John Crews Rap Session
5 Questions with Jordan Lee
5 Ways to Fish a Chatterbait - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
7 Fishing Questions with Matt Herren
7 Techniques That Work All Year - Adrian Avena : Remastered
A Spinnerbait for Every Situation - Jason Christie
Access Winning Backwater Bass Fishing Areas - Keith Poche - September 2022
Accessing Hard-to-Reach Bass: Skipping Baits - Drew Benton
Action-Packed Bass Fishing - David Dudley
Adapting to Conditions & Aqua-Vu with Gussy - March 2024
Adjusting to Falling Water - Casey Scanlon
Adjusting to Tough Fishing Conditions - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Adrian Avena on Fishing Tough Conditions - January 2018
Advanced Crankbait Fishing - Fred Roumbanis : Remastered
Advanced Frog Fishing - Ish Monroe
Advanced Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing Techniques - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Advancements in Bass Fishing: Riding the Tech Wave - John Crews
Adversity is Dope - Brian Latimer
Alabama Rig Adjustments & Modifications - Shane Lehew
Alabama Rig Versatility - Shane Lehew
Alabama Rigs & Biggest 5 Bass Limit - March 2021
Alec Morrison's Record-Setting Tournament Blowout - June 2023
All About Fishing Up River - Ott Defoe : Remastered
All Seasons Jerkbait Fishing Tips & Strategies - Brent Ehrler
All-In Spring Swim Jig Fishing - Bill Lowen
Alternative Spawn Bass Fishing Tournament Strategies - Brandon Cobb
Always Catch a Limit - Bill Lowen
Always Fish a Ball Head Jig - Gerald Swindle
Always Have a Frog Tied On - Lee Livesay
Always Throw a Chatterbait with Stephen Browning - June 2023
American Sportfishing Association - Mary Beth Long
Angler-of-the-Year Decision Making - Canterbury
Aqua-Vu Underwater Camera - Grae Buck
Are Your Rods a Tangled Mess? Fix It - Swindle
Art of Skipping Baits - Bryan Thrift : Remastered
Attacking Submerged Vegetation with a Bladed Jig - Grae Buck
Bait Colors - Mike and Pete Mailbag
Baits & Tips for Fishing Vegetation - Watson
Balsa Crankbait Revival with Rapala's Dan Quinn - January 2022
Bank Fishing - Mike and Pete's Mailbag
BASS AOY Clark Wendlandt - December 2020
BASS AOY Seth Feider - December 2021
BASS Bassmaster Opens AOY JT Thompkins - October 2023
Bass Beds You Can't See with JT Kenney - April 2021
Bass Care & Conservation - Dunkin & Suski - July 2020
Bass Champ Brandon Lester - June 2022
BASS Elite Series Champ John Crews - February 2022
Bass Fishing a New Body of Water - Bryan Thrift
Bass Fishing Around the Spawn - Scott Canterbury
Bass Fishing Bridge Pilings - Brandon Cobb
Bass Fishing Buzz Frogs & Toads - Bobby Lane
Bass Fishing Coach Rick Emmitt - August 2022
Bass Fishing Crankbaits in a Crowd - Crews
Bass Fishing Docks - Matt Herren
Bass Fishing Dropshot Rigs - Greg DiPalma
Bass Fishing for Smallmouth with Scott Dobson - August 2021
Bass Fishing Hair & Bucktail Jigs - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Bass Fishing in Big Waters - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Bass Fishing in Current with Zack Birge - September 2021
Bass Fishing in Eel Grass - Pete Gluszek
Bass Fishing in Grass with Robert Soley - July 2021
Bass Fishing in Small Waters - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Bass Fishing in the Rain - Pete Gluszek
Bass Fishing Jigs Vs Soft Plastics - Taylor Watkins
Bass Fishing Kissimmee Chain of Lakes - Bobby Lane
Bass Fishing Lake Champlain with Kyle Hall - August 2022
Bass Fishing Mechanics with Nick LeBrun - October 2022
Bass Fishing Pressured Waters - Jordan Lee
Bass Fishing Q&A - December 2021
Bass Fishing Realities & Being Your Best with Jacob Foutz - November 2023
Bass Fishing Riprap : Seasons & Baits - Pete Gluszek
Bass Fishing Rocky Rip Rap - Gluszek
Bass Fishing Strong Current & Tailraces - Jonathon VanDam
Bass Fishing Success at a Young Age with Trey McKinney - July 2023
Bass Fishing Tailraces - Clent Davis
Bass Fishing Tidal Waters - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Bass Fishing Tides Part 1: Low Tide Hard Cover - Pete Gluszek
Bass Fishing Tides Part 2: Low Tide Grass & Tide Change - Pete Gluszek
Bass Fishing Tides Part 3: High Tide Bass Habitat - Pete Gluszek
Bass Fishing Topwater All Year Long - Brandon Cobb
Bass Fishing Tournament Practice & Travel Partners - February 2021
Bass Fishing Tournament Practice with a Purpose - Gerald Swindle
Bass Fishing Tournament Tactics - Ish Monroe : Remastered
Bass Fishing Vegetation - Winter and Spring - Todd Faircloth
Bass Fishing Wacky Rigs - George Cochran
Bass Fishing with Glide Baits - Oliver Ngy
Bass Habitat Breakdown: Overhanging Trees - Pete Gluszek
Bass in Changing Water Conditions - Pete Gluszek
Bass Migration Routes: Find & Catch Fish Anytime - Alton Jones
BASS Open Chesapeake Bay - September 2022
Bass Pro Tour Angler of The Year Matt Becker - August 2023
BASS Rookie of the Year Austin Felix - December 2020
BASS Rookie of the Year Jay Przekurat - August 2022
Bass Talk Live's Matt Pangrac from James River - April 2022
Bass Tournament-Ready Tackle Organization - Greg DiPalma
Bass U Q&A + Top Baits of 2020 - December 2020
Bass University Battles from The Bassmaster Classic
Bass University Crew Fishing Lake Chickamauga
Bass University Kayak Fishing Kickoff Special - May 2023
Bassmaster Classic History - Price & Duke
Bassmaster Classic Preview with MLF & East Tennessee Pro Brandon Coulter - March 2023
Bassmaster Elite Bass Fishing Tournament Preparation Tips - September 2023
Bassmaster Elite Ben Milliken is Scary Good - October 2023
Bassmaster Elite Champ's Harris Chain Win - April 2024
Bassmaster Neely Henry Champ Wes Logan - May 2021
Bassmaster Open Champion Casey Smith - July 2022
Bassmaster Opens EQ Points Leader John Garrett - June 2023
Bassmaster Regional Champions - June 2022
Become a Better Bass Angler with Jay Przekurat - January 2024
Become a Big Soft Swimbait Angler - Oliver Ngy
Become a Great Bass Angler - Klein
Become a Versatile & Adaptable Bass Angler - Matt Herren
Become a Versatile & Consistent Bass Angler - Crews
Becoming a Better Bass Angler - Pete Gluszek
Becoming a More Versatile Bass Angler - Matt Lee
Bed Fishing 101 : How to Catch Spawning Bass - Ish Monroe
Bed Fishing and Lily Pads - Bass U Live
Bed Fishing for Spawning Bass - Powroznik : Remastered
Being Prepared for a Day of Fishing : Bass University Basics
Benefits of Mental Toughness & Overcoming Adversity - Gerald Swindle
Berkley's Slow Sinking Spybait - Josh Bertrand
Best Blueback Herring Lake Seasonal Fishing Strategies - Brandon Cobb
Best of iCast 2019 - Iaconelli & Gluszek
Best Seasonal Baits for Clear Water Bass Fishing - Stetson Blaylock
Best Seasonal Tips & Baits for Catching Smallmouth Bass - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Best Tips & Techniques for Bluff Bank Fishing - Dunkin
Beyond Winter: Fishing Jerkbaits All Year - John Hunter : Remastered
BFL All-American Justin Kimmel & Mike Reid - June 2022
Big Baits for Big Bass - April 2022
Big Baits, Big Bass - Ben Milliken
Big Bass Fishing's Oliver Ngy - November 2021
BIG Changes in MLF BPT in 2024-2025 - David Dudley - October 2023
Big Worming - Dave Mansue On The Water
Biggest 5 vs. Every Fish Counts Tournament Strategies - Kriet
Blade Baits & Tiny Baitfish - Bryan Thrift
Bladed Jig Trailers - Bobby Lane
Blind Bed Fishing Lily Pads - Bryan New
Blind Fishing in the Spawn Season - Gluszek
Blitz Outdoors & Eagles Great - Trent Cole - February 2023
Blueback Herring & Suspended Bass Fishing - Casey Ashley
Blueback Herring Spawn - Brandon Cobb Live
Bluegill, Herring & Shad Spawn - Ott Defoe
Bluff Wall Bass Fishing - Casey Ashley
Boat Control is Crucial - Brian Latimer
Boat Rigging & Electronics - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Boat Tour - Matt Lee
Bobby Lane & Hank Cherry - March 2022
Bobby Lane Interview After Florida Bass Pro Tour Event
Bobby Lane's Lipless Crankbait Masterclass : Remastered
Bottom Baits Bass Fishing Basics - Pete Gluszek
Braid to Fluorocarbon Leader Knot - Iaconelli & Gluszek
Brandon Cobb Rap Session with Snookie
Breaking Down a New Lake - Christie
Breaking Down Brush Piles - Clent Davis
Breaking Down Lily Pads - JT Kenney : Remastered
Breaking Down New Bass Fishing Water - Jay Przekurat
Brett "Hollywood" Hobson Interview
Brett Hite Chatterbaits & Rat-L-Traps - October 2017
Bryan Thrift on Bass University Live - June 2019
Bryan Thrift Rap Session with Snookie
Bryan Thrift Topwater Fishing Live Show - May 2020
Bryan Thrift's Top 5 Topwater Bass Fishing Techniques
BU Year in Review & Fight for Public Land - December 2021
BUcket List : Lake Champlain BONUS Footage
BUcket List : Lake Champlain Ep. 1
BUcket List : Lake Champlain Ep. 2
BUcket List : Lake Chickamauga Ep. 1
BUcket List : Lake Chickamauga Ep. 2
Buggs Island Shad Spawn & Pattern Fishing Master Class - May 2023
Buzz Frog Bass Fishing - Bryan Thrift
Buzz Frogs & Hollow Body Frogs - Bryan Thrift
Buzzbait Fishing Secrets & Modification Tips - Strader
Buzzbait vs Horny Toad - Brandon Cobb
Caleb Sumrall's On-Water Fishing Decisions - August 2021
Campfire Interview: JT Kenney Part 1
Campfire Interview: JT Kenney Part 2
Can You Use Forward-Facing Sonar on Kayaks? - Rus Snyders
Canadian Elite Qualifier Cooper Gallant - November 2022
Carl Jocumsen & Bub Tosh on Bass U Live - November 2018
Carolina Rig Bass Fishing - Greg DiPalma
Carolina Rig Soft Plastic Fishing Demonstration - Gluszek
Cashion Fishing Rods - Matt Cashion & Jason Holland
Cashion Rods Kayak Pro Jody Queen - September 2021
Casting Spoons - A Great Post-Spawn Bait - Iaconelli
Catch Bass Anywhere - Mike McClelland - August 2020
Catch Bass Fishing in the Wind - Gluszek
Catch Bass Fishing Prespawn Spinnerbaits - Pete Gluszek
Catch Bass That Eat Spawning Bluegill - Greg DiPalma
Catch Big Bass That Eat Bream - Clabion Johns
Catch Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass? - Gluszek
Catch More Bass Fishing Swimbaits - David Dudley
Catch More Bass on Lipless Crankbaits - Lintner
Catch Schooling Bass - Fred Roumbanis
Catch Smallmouth Bass on Crankbaits - Gluszek
Catching Bass in Current - Lowen
Catching Bass is All About the Bait - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Catching Bass on the Delaware - Gluszek & MDJ
Catching Bass with Sonar Electronics - Brent Ehrler
Catching Impossible-to-Catch Bass - Cody Meyer
Champs Josh Bertrand & Tristan McCormick - October 2022
Chasing Bass in Current - Drew Benton
Chasing Bass with Forward-Facing Sonar - Bryan Schmitt
Chatterbait Breakdown - John Hunter : Remastered
Chatterbait Fishing - Brett Hite : Remastered
Chatterbait vs Spinnerbait in Grass - Gluszek
Chatterbaits & Swim Jigs - Jordan Lee
Chatterbaits & Vibrating Jigs - Suggs
Chatterbaits (aka Vibrating Jigs) - Bryan Thrift
Chatterbaits: Pro Tips & Strategies - Brock Mosley
Cherokee Lake - Tharp & Hartman- Bass U Live February 2017
Chesapeake Bay Champ JT Thompkins - September 2022
Chickamauga & Frogs Lee Livesay - October 2020
Choose the Right Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing - Gluszek
Choosing Kayak Techniques: Spinnerbaits vs Chatterbaits - Drew Gregory
Choosing the Right Fishing Line Size : Bass University Basics
Class Recaps & Texas ShareLunker Program Big Bass - January 2024
Classic Recap: Champ Gustafson & Schmitt - March 2023
Classic-Winning Bait Modifications - Ott Defoe
Classic-Winning Round Rubber Mop Jig Fishing - Jordan Lee
Clear Water Bass Fishing - Cody Meyer
Clear Water Bass Fishing - Josh Bertrand
Clear Water Prespawn for Your Personal Best - Shane LeHew
Cliff Crochet's Frog Fishing System : Remastered
Club Tournament Preparation - BU Vault
Coast-to-Coast Spinnerbait Success - John Murray
Cold Season Smallmouth Fishing - Seth Feider
Cold Shallow Water Winter Cranking - Brandon Cobb
Cold Water Cranking Secrets - Gerald Swindle
Cold Water Diving & Lipless Crankbaits - John Cox
College Bass Fishing National Champions - August 2023
Come Back Baits - Cliff Crochet
Complete Guide to Drop Shot Bass Fishing - Jay Przekurat
Complete Guide to the Neko Rig - John Crews
Comprehensive Soft Plastics Fishing Made Simple - John Crews
Confidence Baits : When The Wheels Come Off - Mark Zona
Conquering Currents: Guide to Fishing Moving Water - Matt Herren
Conquering the Surface: Topwater Poppers & Walkers - Mark Zona : Remastered
Consistently Catch Bass - Austin Felix
Cortland Silent Flip - Capt. Justin Jones
Cowboy & Legend: Joey Cifuentes III & Larry Nixon - March 2023
Cracking a Tube - Mark Zona
Cracking the Summer Code: Scorching Hot Bass Strategies - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Crank Up Your Bass Fishing Game - Davy Hite : Remastered
Crankbait Keys To Success - Mike Iaconelli
Crankbait Master Lee Sisson - October 2020
Crankbaits & Jerkbaits by Water Temperature - Menendez
Crankbaits Through Grass - Mike Iaconelli On the Water
Cranking All Depth Ranges - Bryan Thrift
Cranking Docks - Pete Gluszek
Cranking Grass - Kevin VanDam
Cranking Rocks in the Winter - Jared Lintner
Cranking Secrets - David Fritts
Cranking: Practical Seasonal Strategies - Brandon Coulter
Creature Baits : A Truly Versatile Soft Plastic - Ish Monroe
Current Bass Fishing Strategies, Baits & Techniques - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Custom Baits with Todd Auten - November 2022
Customized Approach to Jig Fishing - Edwin Evers
Customizing Lures with Dyes & Scents - Mike Iaconelli
Cutting Edge Smallmouth Tactics - John Murray : Remastered
Damiki Air Frog Fishing - Bryan Thrift : Remastered
Damiki Rigging & Tight Lining - John Murray
Darter Head Jigs - Jared Lintner
David Dudley's Approach to Color Selection
Davis Slays Two Goliaths & Earns First Bassmaster Elite Trophy - May 2023
Davy Hite on Santee Cooper - March 2022
Dean Rojas Shares Frog Fishing Secrets - July 2020
Deep Cranking East to West Coast - John Murray
Deep Cranking for Bass - Jacob Foutz
Deep Diving Crankbait Fishing - John Crews : Remastered
Deep Diving Crankbaits Elite Class - Keith Combs
Deep Northern Smallmouth with Grae Buck - January 2022
Deep Offshore Bass Fishing - Hunter Freeman
Deep Structure Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Joe Balog : Remastered
Deep Tokyo Rig Fishing - Gerald Swindle
Deep Water Structure Fishing - Davis
Designing Hard Baits - Aaron Martens
Different Types of Jigs & How to Fish Them - Herren
Different Way to Fish a Squarebill Crankbait - Mark Zona
Dink & Dunk - Matt Pangrac
Dissecting Shallow Water Cover - Roumbanis & Gluszek
Dissecting Stump Fields & Standing Timber - Mike Iaconelli
Dive Deep with VanDam: Targeting Elusive Smallmouth Bass : Remastered
Dock Fishing - Shane Lineberger
Dock Fishing Domination: Year-Round Big Bass Hideout - Noah Schultz
Downsizing Baits for Fall Bass Fishing - Brandon Coulter
Drew Cook & Drew Benton - March 2022
Driving a Bass Boat Safely & Efficiently - John Crews
Dropping Bombs (Punching) - Ish Monroe : Remastered
Dropshot and Powershot Rig - Brett Hite : Remastered
Dropshot Bass Fishing for Smallmouth & Largemouth - Jamie Hartman : Remastered
Dropshot Bass Fishing Master Class - John Murray
Dropshot Fishing - Mike Iaconelli On The Water
Dropshot Fishing for Smallmouth Bass - Joe Balog : Remastered
Dropshot Fishing Like a Pro: A Bassmaster Champion's Guide - Bob Downey
Dropshot Rig VS Shaky Head - John Crews : Remastered
Dropshotting for Bass in Grass: Tips and Techniques - Bryan Schmitt
Early Season Bass Fishing Cold Fronts Are Good? - January 2023
Effective Tips & Techniques for Fishing Small Topwater Baits - John Murray
Elaztech & Ned Rigging - Brian Latimer
Electronics - Graphing a New Lake - Crews
Electronics : Break Down a New Grass Lake Fast - Jocumsen
Electronics Master Class - Bryan Thrift
Elite Flipping & Pitching - Jason Christie : Remastered
Elite Pro's Guide to Locating Bass Sweet Spots - Chad Pipkens
Elite Rookie Insights: LiveScope & More - February 2024
Elite Rookie Wesley Gore's Tournament Success - May 2024
Elite Shaky Fish - Will Davis Jr.
Elite Shallow Water Cranking: Todd Auten's 3 Best Crankbaits
End of Summer Fishing with Kevin Short - September 2021
Equipment Equation - Chris Lane
Exclusive Sight Fishing Secrets for Bedding Bass - Alton Jones
Expert Practice Strategies for Bass Tournament Anglers - Bryan Thrift
Expert Tips for Catching Spawning Bass with Location Baits - Matt Arey
Exploring Flipping & Pitching Techniques - James Elam : Remastered
Fall Bass Fishing Techniques - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
Fall Bass Transition - Kayak Champion Greg DiPalma
Fall Bass Transition with Zack Birge - September 2020
Fall Finesse Flipping on Chickamauga - Fletcher Shryock
Fall Fishing Crankbaits - Avena
Fall Grass Bed Transition & Autumn Habitat - Gluszek
Fall Seasonal Transition & Baits - Gluszek
Fall, Smallmouth, Japan - Mike and Pete Live
Fat Baby Rig (aka Tiny Child Rig) - Pete Gluszek
Find & Catch Bass in Muddy Water - Greg DiPalma
Find & Catch Spawning Bass Off Beds - Lucas
Find & Fish Offshore Deep Water Schools - Jacob Wheeler : Remastered
Find Bass in a Highland Reservoir - Brandon Palaniuk
Finding & Catching Spawning Bass - JT Kenney
Finding & Fishing Isolated Cover for Bass - Bryan Thrift
Finding a Place to Fish : Bass University Basics
Finding Places to Fish On the Water - Bass University Basics
Finding Productive Bass Fishing Water - Jordan Lee
Finding the Sweet Spot - Mike Iaconelli On the Water
Fine-Tuned Finesse Fishing - Mark Daniels Jr.
Finesse Bass Fishing Heavy Cover - Mark Daniels Jr.
Finesse Chicken Rig - Mike Iaconelli
Finesse Crankbait Fishing - Micah Frazier
Finesse Crankbait Fishing Secrets - Gluszek
Finesse Fishing - Mike Iaconelli On the Water
Finesse Fishing Micro Football Jigs - Bryan Thrift
Finesse Fishing Situations & Techniques - Mike Iaconelli
Finesse Flipping - Bill Lowen
Finesse Flipping - Hartley
Finesse Jig Fishing for All Species of Bass - Hartman
Finesse Soft Plastics for Ned Rigs - Mueller
Finesse Soft Plastics when Fishing is Tough - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
Finesse Swimbait Bass Fishing - Jordan Lee
Finesse Swimbait Fishing - Jon Crews : Remastered
Finesse Tiny Child Rig - Mike Iaconelli
Finesse Umbrella Rig Bass Fishing - Bryan Thrift
First Classic Boat - Doyle Hodgin & Ken Duke
Fish Lipless Crankbaits 365/24/7 - Drew Cook
Fish My City Premiere Oct 12th on Nat Geo Wild
Fish Smarter, Not Harder: The Power of Bass Fishing with Live Sonar - John Soukup
Fishing a Different Kind of Bass Trap - Jared Lintner : Remastered
Fishing a New Body of Water - Ish Monroe
Fishing a Swim Jig All Year - Hank Cherry
Fishing Aquatic Vegetation - Holland & Schmitt - June 2020
Fishing Balsa Baits - Matt Herren
Fishing Big Glide Baits for Bass - Jocumsen
Fishing Buzzbaits & Prop Baits in Pre-Spawn & Spawn - Greg DiPalma
Fishing Cover - Mike Iaconelli On The Water
Fishing Crankbaits All Year - Mark Menendez : Remastered
Fishing Creature Baits & Flat-Side Crankbaits - John Crews : Remastered
Fishing Curly Tail & Straight Tail Worms - Bobby Lane
Fishing Docks - Mike and Pete On the Water
Fishing Docks Differently - Mark Zona
Fishing Docks Ish Monroe's Way
Fishing Docks Seasonal Patterns & Baits - Brandon Cobb
Fishing Finesse Swimbaits - Bryan Thrift
Fishing Florida Lily Pads & Shell Beds - Bryan New
Fishing for Smallmouth River Monsters - Feider
Fishing for Spawning Spotted Bass - Jesse Wiggins
Fishing for Suspended Bass - Kriet
Fishing Hard Spots & Shell Beds - Nick Lebrun
Fishing Hard-to-Reach Shallow Water - Harvey Horne
Fishing Highland Reservoirs - Winter & Spring - Ott Defoe
Fishing Huge Expanses of Water - JT Kenney
Fishing Jigs in the Grass : Tackle Tips & Demo - JT Kenney
Fishing Jigs Under & Around Docks - Bryan Thrift
Fishing Lipless Crankbaits in the Fall - Greg DiPalma
Fishing Lure Color Selection : Bass University Basics
Fishing Mid-Depth & Mental Preparation - Elam
Fishing Milfoil - Mike and Pete On the Water
Fishing New Bodies of Water - Ott Defoe : Remastered
Fishing Oahe & Thousand Islands - August 2022
Fishing on the Edge - Pete Gluszek
Fishing Oversized Topwater Lures - Matty Wong
Fishing Pressure on Tournament Lakes - Hartley
Fishing Riprap Banks - Dunkin
Fishing Riprap Elite Class - Hank Cherry
Fishing Rod Selection - John Crews
Fishing Rods, Reels & Intro to Casting : Bass University Basics
Fishing Seawalls - Powroznik
Fishing Soft Plastic Stickbaits - John Cox
Fishing Spinnerbaits vs. Chatterbaits/Bladed Jigs - Christie
Fishing Spybaits & Spinbaits - Iaconelli
Fishing Stick Baits & Locating Bass - Patrick Walters
Fishing Stick Baits & Poppers - Kevin VanDam
Fishing Submerged Trees & Laydowns - Greg DiPalma
Fishing Swim Jigs - Bill Lowen
Fishing Swim Jigs : The Ultimate Search Bait - Roumbanis : Remastered
Fishing Swim Jigs Top to Bottom - Fred Roumbanis : Remastered
Fishing Swimbaits Effectively - Gluszek
Fishing the Moment : Catch Bass & Win Tournaments - Iaconelli
Fishing the Right Bass Jig - JT Kenney
Fishing the Shad Spawn - Edwin Evers
Fishing to Win Tournaments - Ish Monroe : Remastered
Fishing Topwater & Surface Baits - Shaw Grigsby : Remastered
Fishing Topwater Lures - Iaconelli
Fishing Tough Conditions - Kevin Short : Remastered
Fishing Tournament Practice & Preparation - Drew Benton
Fishing Trees & Wood is My Favorite - Patrick Walters
Fishing Visible Cover - Mike Iaconelli
Fishing Wood Cover - John Crews
Fixing Marine Electronics Power Issues - Cody Meyer
Flat-Side Crankbaits with David Fritts
Flippin' & Speed Wormin' Eelgrass - Wes Logan
Flipping & Pitching 365 - Hunter Shryock
Flipping & Pitching : Tackle & Technique - Fletcher Shryock : Remastered
Flipping & Pitching Cover - Randall Tharp : Remastered
Flipping & Pitching for Beginners and Pros - Gary Klein
Flipping & Pitching Grass Mats - JT Kenney : Remastered
Flipping & Pitching Heavy Cover - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
Flipping & Pitching in Productive Grass Areas - Gerald Swindle
Flipping & Pitching in the Grass - Grae Buck
Flipping & Pitching Jigs for Big Bass - Hudnall
Flipping & Pitching Secrets for Big Bass in Heavy Cover - Bobby Lane : Remastered
Flipping & Pitching Tackle - Randall Tharp
Flipping & Pitching Techniques - Davy Hite : Remastered
Flipping & Pitching: When, Where & How - Pete Gluszek
Flipping Bushes for Bass - Greg Hackney
Flipping for Smallmouth Bass - Greg Hackney : Remastered
Flipping Grass Master Class - Gerald Swindle
Flipping Milfoil - Garrett Paquette
Flipping Milfoil : Spring, Summer & Fall - Seth Feider
Flipping on Pressured Lakes - Monroe
Flipping Prespawn & Spawn Bass with MLF Pro Chris Lane - February 2023
Flipping Pro Secrets - Skeet Reese
Flipping Wood Cover - Dave Mansue
Flipping, Pitching and Grass Fishing - Bass U Live
Floating Docks - Jake Whitaker
Floating Worm & Wacky Worm Fishing - Kriet
Fluctuating Muddy Water with Bill Lowen - March 2021
FLW All-American Win on Lake Hartwell - November 2020
FLW Champ Brian Latimer - Live at the Bassmaster Classic
FLW Cup Champ Justin Atkins & Duo Realis Spybaiting - August 2017
FLW Pro Alex Davis on Hot Guntersville Lures
Football Jig Bass Fishing Techniques - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
Football Jig Tips & Tackle - Palaniuk
For the Love of the Fishing Game - Gerald Swindle
Forbidden Fruit: Best Non-Sponsored Bass Fishing Baits - John Crews
Formulating a Game Plan & Making Adjustments - Adrian Avena : Remastered
Forward Facing Sonar & 360 Imaging - Patrick Walters
Forward-Facing Jerkbaits All Year - John Soukup
Forward-Facing Sonar (LiveScope) Ban Controversy - September 2023
Forward-Facing Sonar Fully Explained - Grae Buck
Fred Roumbanis - Live at the Bassmaster Classic
Fred's Furry Frog: Topwater Bass Fishing Secrets : Remastered
Freddy's Frog Fishing Tips - Fred Roumbanis : Remastered
Frittside Winter & Prespawn Cranking - Shane Lehew
Frog & Toad Bass Fishing - Fred Roumbanis : Remastered
Frog Angler's Bass Fishing Handbook: Design, Tackle & Modifications - Dean Rojas
Frog Fishing Tips & Techniques - Ike & Pete : Remastered
Frog Whisperer: Catching Big Bass with Topwater Frogs - Bobby Lane : Remastered
Frogging & Losing Tournament Bass - Luke Dunkin
Frogging & Punching Grass Mats - Roumbanis : Remastered
Frogs & Swimbaits - Fred Roumbanis
Frogs in Vegetation - Scott Martin : Remastered
From Bass U Student to Bassmaster Classic - January 2023
Fully Utilize Your Electronics - Greg DiPalma
Fundamental Bass Fishing Mechanics - Nick Lebrun
Fundamentals of Seasonal Drop Shot Fishing - Palaniuk
Geeking Out On Spinnerbait Fishing - JT Kenney
George Cochran's Best Bass Fishing Lures : Remastered
Gerald Swindle Rap Session with Snookie
Gerald Swindle's Buzzbait Fishing Secrets
Gerald Swindle's Keys to Tournament Junk Fishing Success
Gerald Swindle's Masterclass on Summer Ledge Bass Fishing
Get Out of Trouble & Save Money - Bass University Basics
Getting Good Hooksets - Cliff Crochet
Getting Into Skinny Backwater for Hungry Bass - Cox
Giant Swimbaits for Giant Tournament Bass - Jocumsen
Glide Baits - Brandon Palaniuk
Glide Baits : Fun Fishing & Tournament Tactics - Grae Buck
Glide Baits for Trout Eaters - Brandon Palaniuk
Gluszek 1 Hour 5 Bass Challenge : Tennessee Fishing
Go BIG or Go HOME - Bryan Thrift
Going Deep on Carolina Rigs - John Crews
Going Deeper on Deep Cranking - Randy Howell
Grae Buck on Grass Fishing - August 2019
Graphing & Fishing Offshore Structure - Lee Livesay
Graphing & Fishing Roadbeds for Spotted Bass - Brian Latimer
Grass Bass Fishing Strategies - JT Kenney : Remastered
Grass Fishing and Schooling Fish - Mike and Pete Live
Grass Fishing for Northern Largemouth Bass on Cold, Clear & Windy Lake - Paul Mueller
Grass Guru's Approach to Fishing Vegetation - Nick Hatfield
Grass Ripping with a Crankbait - Mike Iaconelli
Great Lakes Bass Fishing - Jonathon VanDam
Great Lakes Smallmouth Bass - Fletcher Shryock : Remastered
Grind for Five: Catching Quality Bass Tournament Limits - Drew Cook
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Guide to Fishing Docks - Scott Canterbury
Guide to Safely Launching and Maneuvering Your Fishing Kayak - Ryan Lambert
Guntersville Champ Frank "The Tank" Talley - October 2020
Gussy Gustafson on Moping & Electronics - March 2021
Gussy's 6 Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques - Jeff Gustafson
Hackney's Tournament Strategies & Tidal Fishing - April 2024
Hard Blueback Herring Swimbaits - Rob Jordan
Hard Swimbaits for Spotted Bass - Rob Jordan
Hartman & Kennedy - Bass U Live June 2017
Heavy Cover Swimbait Bass Fishing - Bobby Lane
Heavyweight Tubes & Swimbaits - Kevin VanDam
High & Low Pressure Weather Systems - Rick Williams
High Buoyancy Plastic Squarebill Crankbaits - Bryan Thrift
High Speed Crankbait Fishing - Martens
Hobie Eyewear Interview - Dylan Coates
Hollow Body Frogs vs Buzz Toads - Gluszek
Hooks : Soft Plastic Rigs & Landing Bass - Iaconelli
How a Bait's Rate of Fall Impacts Bass Bites - Keith Carson
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How Dave Won the Tournament - Pete Gluszek and Dave Mansue
How He Got Started - Matt Lee
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How to Fish a Swim Jig in Heavy Cover - Bobby Lane
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How to Win Bass Fishing Tournaments : Practice Right - Bryan Thrift
Humminbird Electronics & Classic History - Hank Parker
Humminbird Mega 360 Imaging - DiPalma
Humminbird Side Imaging & Lakemaster Maps - Kevin VanDam
Humminbird Sonar - Dave Mansue On the Water
Humminbird's New MEGA Live Imaging - Kolo
Humminbird, Lowrance & Garmin Electronics - Buddy Gross
Hybrid Hunter Crankbait - Todd Castledine
Hydraulic Jack Plate Boating Tips - Mike and Pete
iCast 2017 - Award-Winning Hard Lure - 3D Bat
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iCast 2017 Intro with Ike and Gluszek
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ICAST 2018 : Elite Series Pro Skylar Hamilton
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ICAST 2018 : Kelly Jordon Rod Threading Device (RTD)
ICAST 2018 : Seth Feider Smallmouth Fishing & New Tackle
iCast 2022 & Pro Tips from Greg DiPalma - August 2022
Identifying Spawning Areas - Pete Gluszek On the Water
Ike's Bassmaster Season So Far & Buggs Island (Kerr Reservoir) Open - May 2023
Ike's Top 3 For Fall & Early Winter: Hard Baits - Mike Iaconelli
Ike's Top 3 For Fall & Early Winter: Metal Baits - Mike Iaconelli
Ike's Top 3 For Fall & Early Winter: Soft Baits - Mike Iaconelli
Ike's Top 3 Ways to Fish Football Jigs - Mike Iaconelli
Importance of Scent (Berkley MaxScent) - Mark Sexton
Importance of Soft Plastic Lure Scents - Justin Atkins
In-Depth Cranking : Deep-to-Shallow - Ott Defoe : Remastered
In-Depth Punching : Hidden Bass The Other Guys Miss - Nick Lebrun
Inaugural NPFL Lake Eufaula Champion John Soukup
Introduction to Artificial Fishing Lures : Bass University Basics
Introduction to Fishing Line : Bass University Basics
Is The Bass University a Good Value? - Dennis Blankenship
Ish 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge : Frogging & Flipping in Florida
Ish Monroe & James Watson on Topwaters
Ish Monroe Rap Session
It's Time for You to Win Tournaments - JT Kenney
Jamie Hartman's Bass Fishing Tournament Strategy for Success
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Jerkbait Bass Fishing all Year - McClelland : Remastered
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Jerkbait Flow - Hank Cherry
Jerkbait Magic: Unlocking Year-Round Bass Fishing Success - Kurt Dove : Remastered
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Jerkbaits by Water Temperature - Mark Menendez : Remastered
Jerkbaits: 2024 Bassmaster Classic Winning Technique - Justin Hamner
Jerkbaits: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall - Matt Arey
Jesse & Jordan Wiggins Bass Tournament Bros - December 2020
Jesse Wiggins & Lee Livesay - May 2022
Jig & Spoon Fishing Docks All Year - James Watson
Jig Fishing Tricks - Bryan Thrift
Jocumsen 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge : Chatterbaits & Electronics
John Cox - FLW Shallow Water Angler
John Crews & Cody Huff - February 2020
John Crews & Josh Bertrand on Bass U Live - August 2018
John Hunter & Drew Benton - May 2018
Jordan Lee on Jig Fishing - December 2017
Jordan Lee's Finesse Fishing Playbook
Josh Roller from
JT Kenney 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge - Florida Canals
JT Kenney Bass Challenge - Florida Storm Front Fishing
JT Kenney Rap Session from Tulsa, OK
JT Kenney's $250k Spinnerbait Secret
Junk Fishing Approach to Bass Fishing Success - Lee Livesay
Junk Fishing Tournament Success - Gerald Swindle
Justin Lucas & Johnson Outdoors - July 2020
Kayak Angler's Guide to Shakey Head Success - Casey Reed
Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Success - Kristine Fischer
Kayak Jig Fishing for Bass: Tips for Bigger Catches - Drew Gregory
Kayak KOs with Lipless Crankbaits: Pre-Spawners with Limited Tackle - Greg DiPalma
Keep America Fishing & ASA - Mike Leonard
Kevin Short on Squarebill Crankbaits - July 2018
Kevin Short's Squarebill Crankbait Bass Fishing
Key Finesse Techniques for Tough Conditions - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
Keys to Spinnerbait Success - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
KGB Swimbaits with Kevin Brightwell - October 2021
Killer Prespawn and Postspawn Techniques - Jesse Wiggins
Know Your Bass Fishing Tools - John Crews : Remastered
KVD - Bass Fishing's GOAT Kevin VanDam - August 2023
KVD Cold Water Power Fishing - Kevin VanDam
KVD's Crankbait Cranking System - Kevin VanDam
KVD's Jerkbait Fishing Master Class - Kevin VanDam
KVD's Power Finesse Fishing Techniques - Kevin VanDam
Kyle Patrick's 2024 Elite Series Rookie Season Outlook - December 2023
Lake Fork Champ Lee Livesay - May 2022
Lake Murray Champion Matt Becker - Winner's Circle
Lakes with Largemouth & Smallmouth - September 2019
Landing Big Bass - Carl Jocumsen : Remastered
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Launching a Bass Boat - Bass University Basics
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Life-Changing Toyota Series Win + Bassmaster Kayak AOY - November 2023
Light, Structure & Cover - Roland Martin
Lintner 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge : Punching & Topwater
Lipless and Lipped Prespawn Cranking - Ott Defoe
Lipless Crankbait Tips - Scott Martin : Remastered
Lipless Crankbaits - Gerald Swindle
Lipless Crankbaits For Every Season - Alex Davis
Lipless Crankbaits: Year-Round Tips from Pro Angler Mike Iaconelli
Live from TackleDirect Home Store - November 2022
Live Sonar & Side Imaging for Smallmouth Bass - Lee Livesay
LiveScope Forward-Facing Sonar Bass Fishing - Bryan Schmitt
LiveScope Wizard & Sam Rayburn Champ Drew Gill - February 2024
Locate & Catch Spotted Bass All Year - Lucas
Locate & Catch Suspended Bass - John Murray
Locate & Catch Winter Bass on a Jigging Spoon - Brian Latimer
Locate Bass in Ponds & Small Lakes : Bass University Basics
Locating Bass & Fishing Offshore - Lee Livesay - July 2020
Lure Colors - Pure Fishing's Mark Sexton - August 2020
Lure Designer Hiroshi Nishine
Mag Ned Rig On The Water Tackle & Demo - JT Kenney
Magic Habitat of Grass Lines in Bass Fishing - Pete Gluszek
Magnum Ned Rig (aka Mag Ned Head) - JT Kenney
Magnum Shaky Head - Gluszek
Main Lake Point Sweet Spot Fishing - Mike & Pete
Major League Fishing & JackHammer Pro Brett Hite - February 2023
Making Quick Decisions & Adjustments - Greg Hackney
Map Cards : LakeMaster Electronic Charts - Keith Combs
Marabou Hair Jig Fishing for Smallmouth - Seth Feider
Marabou Hair Jigs for Smallmouth Bass - Jeff Gustafson
Mark Menendez: Legend & Conservation Champion - October 2023
Mark Waypoints & Fish "The Juice" Like a Pro - Zona
Mark Zona's Pass & Run Approach to Smallmouth Fishing
Mark Zona's Sneakiest Soft Plastic Finesse Rig
Master the Rat-L-Trap - MDJ
Master Topwater Bass Fishing - Chris Lane
Mastering the Mind Game: Achieve Bass Fishing Success - John Murray
Mastering the Surface: Topwater Insights by Mike 'Ike' Iaconelli : Remastered
Mastering the Water with Minn Kota Ultrex - Greg DiPalma
Matt Arey Rap Session with Snookie
Matt McBee on Glide Baits - Tater Hog Custom Lures
Matt Robertson ON 'EM Open Champion - November 2020
Maximize Your Forward-Facing Sonar Bass Fishing Success - Brandon Lester
Mega 360 Imaging - Chris Zaldain
Mental Hurdles & Bass in Heavy Cover - Matt Lee & Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Mentally Winning Bass Fishing Tournaments - Palaniuk
Methodically Dissecting Marinas - Pete Gluszek
Micro Jig Fishing - Iaconelli
Mid-Depth Cranking & Sound Technology - Randy Howell : Remastered
Middle Baits Bass Fishing Basics - Pete Gluszek
Mike Iaconelli 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge - November 2018
Mike Iaconelli's Hall of Fame Journey - September 2023
Miles "Sonar" Burghoff on All Brands of Electronics
MLF Bass Fishing League (BFL) Bonanza - October 2021
MLF Champ Ott Defoe - June 2021
MLF Champ Ryan Salzman - June 2022
Modify Blade Baits to Land More Bass - Feider
Modifying & Customizing Bass Lures - Fred Roumbanis : Remastered
Modifying & Making Lures with Terry Scroggins - March 2021
More Positive Mental Attitude - Gerald Swindle
More Sonar Electronics with Miles Burghoff
Muddy Water Bass Fishing - Jordan Lee
Multi-Day Bass Fishing Tournaments with Edwin Evers - September 2020
Multiple Bass Species - Pete Gluszek On the Water
Munenori Kajiwara - Japan Import Tackle
My Favorite Way to Catch Bass : Wake Baits - Suggs
Ned Rig - Heavy & Light - Grae Buck
Ned Rig Fishing - John Crews
Ned Rig Innovator Ned Kehde - July 2020
Ned Rig vs. Tube - Destin DeMarion
Ned Rig: Finesse Technique for Finicky Bass - Kurt Dove : Remastered
Ned Rigging: Kayak Angler's Guide to High-Pressure Success - Ryan Lambert
Ned Rigs & Power Fishing Interview - Kurt Dove
Neely Henry Champ Cody Bird - October 2020
Neko Rig & Panoptix LiveScope - Brent Ehrler
Neko Rig Bass Fishing Magic with Ol' Bob Downey
Neko Rig Fishing - Adrian Avena
New Forward-Facing Sonar Bait: Power Switch - Joey Cifuentes III
New Forward-Facing Sonar Baits: Krej & Finisher - Josh Bertrand
New Humminbird MEGA Live TargetLock - Matt Cook
New Tackle from iCast - July 2021
New Year Mailbag - Ike & Pete Answer Fishing Questions
Nick Lebrun's Bassmaster Classic Insights & Predictions - March 2024
No LiveScope & No Waypoint Bass Fishing Tournament - April 2024
Not All Grass is the Same - JT Kenney
NPFL Harris Chain Champion John Soukup
NPFL Wright Patman Winner Keith Carson - May 2021
Offshore Bass Fishing - Jordan Lee & Buddy Gross - June 2020
Offshore Bass Fishing Hotspots: Year-Round Proven Strategies - Keith Combs
Offshore Graphing with Humminbird/Lakemaster - Lee Livesay
Offshore Grass Fishing : Chatterbaits & More - Jocumsen
Offshore is More Than Ledge Fishing - Drew Benton
Offshore Ledge Bass Fishing - Iaconelli
Offshore Structure Cranking - Gerald Swindle
Offshore Structure Fishing & Sonar Electronics - Hartman
Offshore Sweet Spots: The Juice - Buddy Gross
Okeechobee & Florida Bass Fishing - Bernie Schultz - February 2023
Old School Bassin' with New Technology - Greg Hackney
Old School Lures and Fishing Techniques - Pete Gluszek
On the Water Glide Bait Bass Fishing - Jared Lintner
Open Champion Bryan New - January 2020
Optimize Your Solix: Insider Tips & Tricks - Greg DiPalma
Optimizing Humminbird Colors & Settings - Garrett Paquette
Original Positive Mental Attitude Class - Gerald Swindle
Ott Defoe 1 Hour Bass Challenge : Classic Champ Edition
Ott Defoe on Tournaments & Big Bass - March 2019
Ott Defoe Rap Session
Outside The Comfort Zone & Making Changes to Maximize Efficiency - Derek Hudnall
Overcoming Adversity & Bass Tournament Success - Jocumsen
Palaniuk & Dortch - Bass U Live April 2017
Palaniuk on Big Baits for Tournament Bass - January 2021
Palaniuk's Champlain BASS Victory - August 2020
Patrick Walters 100+ Lbs. Lake Fork - November 2020
Pattern Fishing - Environmental Variables - Roland Martin
Paul Mueller Rap Session with Snookie
Percentage Triangle & Seasonal Bass Patterns - Brandon Palaniuk : Remastered
Perfect Bass Tournament Preparation - Dakota Ebare
Pete's Quiet Killer Crankbait - Pete Gluszek
Pitching & Flipping Elite Class - Brandon Palaniuk
Planting Brush - Cobb & Davis - September 2020
PMA, Etiquette & Conservation - Gerald Swindle
Pointy Nose Frogs vs Popping Frogs - Clabion Johns
Positive Mental Attitude Part III - Gerald Swindle
Post Spawn Cranking - Davy Hite : Remastered
Post Spawn Funk and Swimbaits - Bass U Live
Post Spawn Success - Jacob Powroznik : Remastered
Power Down with Soft Plastic Stick Baits - Wesley Strader
Power Dropshotting - Mark Zona
Power Finesse Bass Fishing - Aaron Martens : Remastered
Power Finesse Bass Fishing with Carolina Rigs - Gluszek
Power Finesse Dropshot Fishing - Greg DiPalma
Power Finesse Flipping - John Crews : Remastered
Power Fishing for Shallow Smallmouth Bass - Lee Livesay
Power Fishing in Clear Water - Ish Monroe
Power Fishing Techniques for Grass - Bryant Smith
Power of Patience: Slowing Down for Successful Fishing - Mark Davis
Power Of The Buzzbait: Switch from Skirts to Soft Plastics - Andy Montgomery
Power Shaky Head and Swing Head Jigs - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
Power Stick Worms - JT Kenney
Power Up with Spinnerbaits & Crankbaits - Wesley Strader
Power vs. Finesse Fishing & Shaky Head Tips - Mike Iaconelli
Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors - Mike & Pete
Powershotting - Jared Lintner
Powershotting for Bass - Brent Ehrler
Pre Spawn & Post Spawn Staging Areas - Mike Iaconelli
Pre Spawn Cranking with Open Champ Jeremiah Kindy - February 2024
Pre-Spawn Power Tactics and Water Temperature - Bass U Live
Pre-Spawn Spotted & Largemouth Bass River Fishing - Herren
Prefishing & Practice for a Bass Tournament - Davy Hite : Remastered
Premium CBD Products for the Outdoors - Kyle Smith
Prepare For Fishing Like a Tournament Pro - James Elam
Preparing to Fish New Bodies of Water - Jeff Gustafson
Prepping & Planning: Expert Tips for a Productive Kayak Fishing Trip - Jody Queen
Prespawn Cranking for Largemouth Bass - Latimer
Prespawn Cranking for Spotted Bass - Latimer
Prespawn Fishing Deep & Rocky Reservoirs - JT Kenney
Prespawn Power Fishing - Ish Monroe
Prespawn Power Fishing Tactics - Jason Christie : Remastered
Pressured Bass Predicament: Out-Fishing the Crowd - Mike Iaconelli
Pressured Offshore Bass with Nick Hatfield - May 2022
Pro-Fishient Angler: Advancing Your Bass Fishing Career - Ryan Salzman
Professional Bass Angler John Cox - May 2020
Progressing from Co-Angler to Pro in Bass Fishing Tournaments - Jay Przekurat
Prop Baits: Popular Florida Topwater Lure - JT Kenney : Remastered
Pros Going to NPFL & 2023 Top Baits - Luke Dunkin - November 2023
Proven Bass Fishing Tactics for Phases of the Spawn - Drew Benton
Punch Shot & Jika Rig Bass Fishing - Mike Iaconelli
Punch Shot Bass Fishing On-Water Workshop - John Crews : Remastered
Punch Shot Fishing On the Water - Mike Iaconelli
Punching & Flipping Matted Vegetation - Ish Monroe : Remastered
Punching & Frogging Matted Vegetation - Ish Monroe
Punching Grass : Bass Fishing Technique Guide - Brandon Lester
Punching Grass Mats - Pete Gluszek
Punching Heavy Vegetation with Andrew Loberg - August 2021
Punching Hydrilla Mats for Bass - Caleb Sumrall
Punching Through Heavy Florida-Style Vegetation - JT Kenney
Purpose-Driven Angler: Mental Clarity in Tournament Bass Fishing - Stephen Browning
Putting a Bass Boat on the Trailer - Bass University Basics
Randy Howell on Catching Your Personal Best - April 2022
Rap Session with Pipkens, Feider & Zaldain
Rapala & Humminbird Developments with Bob Downey - July 2023
Rapala Original Floater & Other Jerkbaits - Bernie Schultz
Rapala Pros' Fishing Secrets with Dan Quinn - January 2021
Rat-L-Trap Lipless Crankbait Fishing - Cliff Crochet : Remastered
Rat-L-Traps: Tips & Modifications to Catch Bass All Year - Mark Daniels Jr : Remastered
Rate of Fall: Controlling Bait's Descent Speed - Luke Palmer
Red Rat-L-Trap Rayburn Dicky Newberry - February 2022
Reel Deal with Ben Milliken: Fishing to Make the Elites - March 2023
Remembering Flipping Innovator Dee Thomas
Rhino Head & Dropshot Finesse Fishing - Martens
Rick Pierce from Bass Cat Boats
Ride the Tides: Bass Fishing Tidal Water Grass In a Kayak - Justin Largen
Rigging & Fishing Extra Large Swimbaits - Oliver Ngy
Rigging Guide for Conquering Kayak Fishing Tournaments - Ryan Lambert
Right to Access & Cleaning Public Fishing Waters - January 2023
Rising Water - Pete Gluszek On the Water
River Bass Fishing - Mike McClelland
River Bass Fishing All Year - Wesley Strader
River Bass Fishing Breakdown - Wes Logan
Rock Crawler (RkCrawler) Crankbait - Mike McClelland : Remastered
Rockin' Topwater Bass Fishing - Watson
Rocks, Boulders, Riprap & Gravel - Ott Defoe : Remastered
Rusty Lures Tackle Maintenance - Pete Gluszek
Sabine River: First Bassmaster Elite Top 10 - June 2023
Save Lake Okeechobee - Scott Martin - May 2023
School of Bass - Josh Bertrand : Remastered
Schooling Bass - Brian Latimer
Scrounger Head Fishing - Todd Goade
Seasonal Approach to Deep Water Bass Fishing - Murray
Seasonal Bladed Jig Patterns - Bill Lowen
Seasonal Electronics Tactics with Jeff Gustafson - December 2022
Seasonal Finesse Power Fishing - McClelland
Seasonal Floating & Suspending Jerkbaits - Ott Defoe : Remastered
Seasonal Lipless Crankbait Fishing - Randy Howell : Remastered
Seasonal Patterns for Trophy Smallmouth - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Seasonal Run & Gun VS Slow & Methodical - Brandon Cobb
Seasonal Search Mode Cranking - Brandon Palaniuk : Remastered
Seasonal Shallow Cranking & Making Adjustments - Bryan Schmitt
Seasonal Shallow Cranking Success - Lowen
Seasonal Soft Plastic Worm Actions - Bobby Lane
Seasonal Swim Jig Fishing - Drew Cook
Seasonal Swing Head Jigs - Harvey Horne
Seasonal Tidal Water Bass Fishing Tactics - Mike Iaconelli : Remastered
Seasonal Underspin Bass Fishing - Matt Arey
Seasonal Water Temperature - Aaron Martens : Remastered
Secret Spinnerbait Jigging Technique - Jody Queen
Secrets for Bass Fishing Docks in the Fall - John Hunter
Seeing Red: Springtime Cranking Prespawn Bass - Greg DiPalma
Seek and Destroy Crankbaits - John Crews : Remastered
Selecting a Target - Mike and Pete On the Water
Selecting Crankbait Rods - Mike Iaconelli On the Water
Selecting the Right Jig for the Job - John Crews
Selecting the Right Lure Size - Bass University Basics
Selecting the Right Trailer - Iaconelli
Senko Fishing Secrets & Lessons Learned - Crochet
Senkos : Texas Rig Vs Wacky Rig - Gluszek
Shad Spawn & Toledo Bend Recap with Matt Henry - April 2023
Shakey Head: Kayak Bass Fishing Powerhouse - Jody Queen
Shaky Head & Shallow Cranking Tips - Jesse Wiggins Interview
Shaky Head Worm & Other Shakin' Techniques - Wiggins
Shaky Heads Do Catch Big Fish, If You... - Bryan Thrift
Shallow Bass Fishing Tactics - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Shallow Bass Fishing with a Focus on Summer - Jason Christie
Shallow Bass Fishing with John Cox - October 2019
Shallow Cranking - Greg Hackney : Remastered
Shallow Cranking - Rob Digh
Shallow Cranking for Bass - John Crews : Remastered
Shallow Cranking Southern Style - Wiggins
Shallow Cranking with MDJ - Mark Daniels Jr.
Shallow Smallmouth Bass Fishing Secrets - Bill Lowen
Shallow Summertime Bass Strategies - Jordan Lee
Shallow to Mid-Depth Cranking - Randy Howell
Shallow Water Big 3: Top Lures to Catch Bass On New Water - Greg Hackney
Shallow Water Electronics - Greg Hackney : Remastered
Shallow Water Fishing All Year - Greg Hackney : Remastered
Shallow Water Fishing and Big Bass - Bass U Live
Shallow Water Fishing Hotspots - Crochet
Shallow Water Jerkbait Fishing - JT Kenney
Shallow Water Jerkbait Tactics - Cliff Crochet
Shallow Water Power Fishing - September 2021
Shallow Water Smallmouth - Seth Feider
Shinichi Fukae - What is a Free Rig?
Side Imaging, Down Imaging & Mega 360 - Gluszek
Sight Fishing & Spawning Bass - Shaw Grigsby : Remastered
Sight Fishing for Bedding Bass - Suggs
Sight Fishing in Summer & Fall - Bryan New
Sight, Sound & Scent to Catch Bass - Roumbanis
Silent Flip Braided Line & Swimbaits - Roumbanis
Simple Approach to Fishing Flooded Cold Muddy Water - Bill Lowen
Simple Jig Fishing - Gerald Swindle
Simplify Your Fishing Rod Arsenal - Williams
Simplifying Soft Plastics for Bass Fishing - Ish Monroe : Remastered
Size Matters in Flipping & Punching Weights - Bobby Lane
Skilled Dock Skipping: Tips to Skip Baits Like a Pro - Matt Arey
Small Flutter Spoons - Scott Martin
Small Swimbaits for Big Bass - Ott Defoe
Smaller Swimbaits Made Simple: Bass Fishing Tips & Tactics - Scott Suggs
Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Hair Jigs - Scott Bonnema
Smallmouth Bass Football Jig Fishing - Hartman
Smallmouth Bass On Offshore Structure - Pipkens
Smallmouth Bass Progression & Catching Pressured Fish - Jay Przekurat
Smallmouth Bass: Seasonal Movements - Jonathon VanDam : Remastered
Smallmouth Fishing Highland Reservoirs - Andrew Upshaw
Smallmouth Spawn: Pursuit of Bedding Bronzebacks - Pete Gluszek
SmallmouthCrush Tackle Storage & Organization - February 2021
Soft Body Swimbaits - Roumbanis
Soft Plastic Baits & Rigging Techniques - Gary Klein
Soft Plastic Creature Bait Adaptability & Versatility - Mark Rose
Soft Plastic Jerkbaits & Fluke Fishing - Iaconelli
Soft Plastic Rigging Techniques : John Crews - May 2020
Soft Plastic Stick Baits & Senkos - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Soft Plastics in Bass Fishing Tournaments - December 2022
Sonar & GPS Electronics - Pete Gluszek : Remastered
Sonar Bass Fishing - Brent Ehrler
Sonar Electronics is Changing Bass Fishing
Sonar Electronics with Tyson Alvanos from Humminbird
Sonar, Crochet, Zona - Mike and Pete Live
Southern Cranker's Pro Tips for Crankbait Success - Jesse Wiggins
Southern Pre-Spawn Baits & Habitat - Lee Livesay
Southern Style LiveScope Techniques - Tyler Rivet
Spawning Smallmouth : Paquette & Pipkens - May 2020
Spawning Tidal Bass in a Crowd - May 2022
Speed Kills - Crochet
Spinnerbait & Buzzbait Seasonal Success - McClelland
Spinnerbait Bass Fishing - Gluszek : Remastered
Spinnerbaits for Kicker Bass - Patrick Walters
Spinning Rod Techniques that Win Tournaments - David Dudley
Sponsorship - Mike and Pete's Mailbag
Spooling Line on a Fishing Reel : Bass University Basics
Spoon Jackin' - James Watson Interview
Spoon Jacking - James Watson
Spoons : The Most Overlooked Bass Fishing Lure - Bryan Thrift
Spotted Bass Fishing in Clear Lake Ditches - Rob Jordan
Spotted Bass in Rivers & Lakes - Matt Herren
Spring Brush Pile Fishing - Alex Davis
Spring Fishing Dropping Water - Mike and Pete On the Water
Spybait Bass Fishing for Multiple Species - Josh Bertrand
Spybait Fishing Clear Water Suspended Bass - Mansue
Spybait Fishing for Bass - John Crews
Spybaits & Spybaiting - Aaron Martens & Duo Realis
Squarebill Crankbaits - Kevin Short : Remastered
St Lawrence Champ Taku Ito - July 2021
St. Lawrence River Bass Fishing History - September 2021
Standing Timber Fall & Winter Bass Fishing - Brandon Cobb
Start Catching Bass Fishing Swimbaits - Roumbanis
Stealth Brush Pile Bass Fishing: Offshore Jerkbaits, Swimbaits & Jigs - Matt Arey
Stealth Mode Bass Fishing - Lee Livesay
Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Fluke Fishing - Mike Iaconelli
Stetson Blaylock Rap Session
Strader 1 Hour 5 Bass Challenge : Chickamauga
Stroking Jigs - Matt Arey
Strolling a Crankbait - Matt Lee On the Water
Summer & Fall Grass Fishing Secrets for Bass - Todd Faircloth : Remastered
Summer Bass Fishing - Snapping a Tube - Iaconelli
Summer Swim Jig On-Water Primer - Iaconelli
Summer Trout Stream Bass Fishing Pattern - Pete Gluszek
Summertime Deep Worm Fishing - Matt Herren
Sunfish Swimbaits Like Berkley Gilly - Mike Iaconelli
Super Deep Bass Fishing Cody Huff - January 2021
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