Join Bassmaster Rookie of the Year and Bassmaster Elite Champion Jay Przekurat as he shares his expertise on catching smallmouth bass in this detailed seminar at Bass University.

Discover Jay's successful strategies for pursuing these elusive smallmouth bass throughout the year. He'll guide you through his three go-to baits for smallmouth and provide insights into the ideal rod, reel, and line setups for each.

Delve into Jay's tactics for adapting to the mood of smallmouth bass and understanding their reactions to different baits. Learn the importance of experimenting with various weight sizes, and gain insights into the sizes Jay trusts the most.

Explore Jay's approach to sight fishing for shallow smallmouth bass and how he adjusts his techniques based on their mood. Drawing from his experience in pressured fisheries, Jay shares valuable tips on enticing bites from wary smallmouth bass.

Unlock the secrets of smallmouth bass progression and deepen your connection with these intriguing fish in this Bass University seminar with Jay Przekurat.

Progression of Smallmouth Bass and Enticing Bites From Wary Fish Class Chapters

  • 2:30: Three Key Baits for Smallmouth 
  • 4:57: Setup
  • 7:30: Smallmouth Mood
  • 16:00: Weight Selection
  • 19:45: Sight Fishing Smallmouth
  • 24:00: Pressured Smallmouth

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