How comfortable are you with a drop shot (aka dropshot rig)? As forward-facing sonar continues to grow in popularity, techniques like drop shotting are becoming increasingly important to target bass. In this seminar, Jay Przekurat takes an in-depth look at the drop shot rig to help you catch more bass.

The drop shot rig is a way to present a bait vertically above the bottom by tying a sinker below the bait. Przekurat stresses the importance of the right setup for this technique, and opts for a 6’10” or 7’ medium, fast-action rod. While the rod is important, the line is one of the most important components. Przekurat typically uses 15lb braided line with a 10lb fluorocarbon leader when targeting largemouth, but will drop down to smaller diameter lines when fishing for spotted and smallmouth bass. The way he is fishing the bait also dictates the type of line he uses. When using an exposed nose hook in open water, Przekurat says it’s easier to get away with a lighter line. When Texas rigging your drop shot around brush, a heavier line is crucial to landing fish successfully.

The other component Przekurat focuses on is how to present the bait. While some strictly view the drop shot as a bait to vertical fish underneath the boat, Przekurat highlights the technique’s effectiveness of being fished on long casts as well. He covers all of this and more, including how to fish a drop shot in windy conditions, how to bed fish with a drop shot, and – one of the most important aspects of the technique – how to tie your leader line knot and rig the bait.

Jay Przekurat's Drop Shot Seminar Chapters

  • 1:35 How To Pick The Right Drop Shot Rod
  • 6:20 How To Pick The Right Drop Shot Reel
  • 8:45 How To Pick The Right Line For Drop Shots
  • 10:05 Which Knots To Use When Tying
  • 11:50 Different Types Of Drop Shot Hooks
  • 15:15 Drop Shot Bait Options
  • 17:45 Varying Your Presentation
  • 25:00 Targeting Spotted Bass With Drop Shots
  • 26:25 Targeting Bedding Fish With A Drop Shot
  • 33:05 Drop Shotting In Windy Conditions With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 36:40 Fishing Shallow Water With A Drop Shot
  • 40:30 How To Pick The Best Drop Shot Weight
  • 46:25 How To Tie The Right Leader Length

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