Pete Gluszek loves to fish Senkos! Lots of companies make soft plastic stick baits, other popular choices are the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent The General Worm, Missile Baits "The 48" Worm and Yum Dinger. These rigging techniques will work with any soft plastic stick bait, so try it out with whichever you like best. In this on the water bass fishing instructional video, Pete breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of two popular soft plastic stick bait rigging methods, the Texas rig and the wacky rig.

  • 0:24 Senkos : Texas rig vs wacky rig
  • 0:48 How to Wacky rig, tackle you will need, how it differs from the Texas rig and when to use it
  • 4:57 Why fish a Senko Texas rigged? Getting a good hookset on a Texas rig with a spinning rod with the Cashion P90472S 7'2" Shaky Head Rod
  • 8:42 Approaching a dock with a Texas-rigged Senko and pitch casting into the shade
  • 12:44 When to switch up to the wacky rigged Senko and how shallow to fish docks
  • 15:23 Skipping baits
  • 16:00 Out on the grass with Texas rigged Senkos
  • 18:30 What to do after you get a bite
  • 21:10 Texas rig hook set
  • 21:40 Advantages of the tail weight senko
  • 22:33 Advantages and disadvantages of fishing the wacky rig Senko in the grass instead of the Texas rig

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