Caleb Sumrall is back on the water with The Bass University cameras to talk about flipping and pitching Texas rigs (and to a little bit on jigs). Caleb believes there are 3 key factors when choosing your soft plastic, hook & weight: water clarity, fish activity and forage. In this bass fishing class video, Sumrall explains how you can use these factors to choose the right weight, lure color and lure profile to catch the most bass. Caleb also shares the tackle he uses for this technique, from a 7'3" Heavy action rod to a 8.1:1 gear ratio reel.

Now it's demonstration time, watch as Caleb pitches, flips and roll casts to various targets that can hold bass. Learn how to approach targets without spooking bass and how to use bass's natural instinct to identify key targets that will hold these opportunistic ambush predators.

  • 0:16 Breaking down the top 3 factors of what to look for when headed out for a day of flipping and pitching
  • 2:54 Whether or not to peg a weight when Texas rigging a soft plastic for flipping and pitching for bass
  • 4:29 Water clarity and keeping it simple with colors
  • 5:32 Rate of fall of your soft plastics
  • 9:27 Selecting the right soft plastic lure profile for flipping & pitching
  • 12:00 Rod, reel & line setup for flipping & pitching
  • 14:24 Hooks for rigging your soft plastics for this technique
  • 17:37 The most important thing to remember in pitching & flipping
  • 18:51 Another key pitching & flipping tip
  • 20:15 How to pitch a bait into a laydown tree
  • 21:50 Bass are ambush feeders, see what type of cover is best for holding bass
  • 24:10 Should you bother fishing isolated cover?
  • 25:16 The right type of cast : flip, pitch or roll cast?
  • 26:09 When to change colors
  • 27:14 The importance of boat positioning when pitching & flipping
  • 27:58 Having an eye for finding the next cast target
  • 30:51 Line twists when flipping and pitching fluorocarbon
  • 32:44 Don't get stuck in the same motions
  • 34:25 Example of a high percentage area and how to approach it correctly
  • 38:00 Bass fishing seawalls and docks
  • 40:20 Staying in high percetage areas all day and winning tournaments
  • 41:43 Practicing flipping & pitching for accuracy
  • 43:00 Appoaching isolated cover

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