Are you interested in going out and catching the biggest bass that live in a lake? There are a lot of techniques that will help you catch numbers of fish, for the most this is not one of them. Punching matted vegetation is basically a broom stick, heavy braided line and fast reel approach to wenching the biggest bass out of the deepest cover. It's a tournament-winning, locked-down drag, trophy-hunting approach to bass fishing. In this on the water bass fishing class, Caleb Sumrall talks about the rod, reel, line, weights, hook and lure he uses to get through the grass mats, get big bites and flip them into the boat. Learn why matted vegetation is such a great place to look for bass, why you need patience, why you always need to be ready for a bite and what to do when a big bass eats your bait.

  • 0:17 Punching hyrdrilla is Caleb Sumrall's favorite way to fish for bass in the history of all fishing and mankind
  • 0:43 Matted grass is a great ecosystem that is healthy bass environment any time of year
  • 1:21 Tackle for punching matted vegetation
  • 3:48 Missile Baits D Bomb for punching and weight selection
  • 6:26 Why fish grass mats?
  • 7:16 Seasons for matted vegetation bass fishing, per Caleb Sumrall
  • 8:19 Analyzing a grass mat and determining the ideal spots
  • 11:22 The biggest things to remember for grass mat fishing success and how to fish the bait when punching
  • 13:23 This is a big fish technique, it's not a numbers approach to bass fishing
  • 13:47 Alternating between punching weights
  • 15:34 Engaging the reel when punching
  • 16:30 The importance of looking for variations in the mat
  • 18:37 Boat positioning, boat speed, rod position and putting yourself in the right spot to get a big bite and land it
  • 26:02 Plopping weights to punch through the matted vegetation
  • 27:02 Best water clarity for punching grass mats for bass
  • 28:05 Demonstration of how to catch a nice bass punching through matted vegetation with tungsten weights, a flipping hook and a Missile Baits D Bomb, then back to water clarity
  • 29:42 Sometimes flipping mats is not the deal and making adjustments
  • 30:33 Success story of catching 25lb five bass limits and how fun it is to lean back on 8lb+ bass in the mats
  • 32:13 Tournament-saving Guntersville bass punching grass
  • 33:35 You will miss some bass that bite when you punch grass, no matter how good you are
  • 34:26 Hookset and accounting for weights, grass, knot, etc
  • 35:40 More examples of variations that hold bass
  • 36:27 Prime time to punch grass canopies
  • 37:40 Being aware of the environment

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