Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament pro, and West Coast angler Ish Monroe conducts a 1-hour instructional fishing seminar on catching monster bass in matted vegetation. Ish shares the fundamental truth in bass fishing, which relates heavily to matted vegetations, "The bass are always going to find a food source". Ish goes on to explain why some of the following types of grass will hold bass, and how the bass will relate to the matted cover:

  • Hydrilla Mats
  • Hyacinth Mats
  • Penny Wart Mats
  • Peppergrass Mats

Ish will introduce techiques and concepts for catching bass out of the slop:

Punching Matted Vegetation - including rod, reel, line and bait suggestions, along with bait presentation instructions for punching mats

  • Straight shank or offest or wide gap hooks?
  • Use a snell knot?
  • Peg the weight with a bobber or weight stopper when punching?
  • Add a skirt when punching matted vegetation or not? Does it help catch more fish, or bigger fish?

Frog Fishing Matted Vegetation - including bait color selection, how bass eat a frog & selecting targets and lanes to fish topwater frogs on top of the grass and slop

  • Contrasting colors or natural colors on the frog?
  • Benefits of fishing Ish's Snag Proof Phat Frog over other frog baits around the vegetation
  • Picking apart grass mats and locating bass with the frog

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