One of the winningest anglers of all time, FLW Tour Pro Bryan Thrift is on the water with The Bass University to talk about fishing frogs. Learn the tips, tactics and secret you'll need to be a successful frog fisherman.

Main Frog Fishing Topics

  • 0:18 Why frog fishing is so exciting and why Bryan Thrift loves it
  • 0:59 When do you fish a frog?
  • 1:40 Frog styles that Bryan Thrift likes to fish: Damiki Air Frog and Hollow Body Frogs
  • 2:19 Buzzing frog color selections
  • 4:14 Hollow body frog color selections
  • 5:44 Buzz frog vs hollow body frog, and which one to choose in different fishing situations
  • 6:49 Equipment needed for frog fishing (rod, reel, line, etc.)
  • 9:21 Rigging a Damiki Air Frog
  • 11:07 Bryan Thrift's preferred hollow body frog modification
  • 12:37 Follow-up lures for when a bass misses a frog
  • 14:30 Damiki Air Frog fishing demonstration
    • 15:15 How to skip a bait
    • 17:54 Targets for fishing a buzz frog and different retrieves
    • 23:52 How to approach a dock with a buzz frog
    • 26:39 Types of docks to target and when to target them
  • 27:42 Hollow body frog demonstration
    • 30:48 Fishing the hollow body vs the buzz frog and covering water
    • 35:03 Tip for keeping your hollow body frog working correctly
    • 37:41 Getting a bass's attention with the hollow body
  • 40:32 Hookset on a frog - when and how
  • 42:23 Frog fishing and the wind
  • 44:14 Frog fishing and light penetration

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