Frog fishing isn't just for Summer. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Clabion Johns explains the seasonal "where, when & how to catch bass" patterns for frog fishing the whole year. Before breaking down the seasons, Clabion explains that having the right equipment is the most crucial aspect of frog fishing success. Any frog will get bass bites in the right circumstances, but having the right rod, reel & line will help you get the bass hooked and into the boat. Johns also covers the different models of frogs and their actions (the ways you can fish them).

  • 0:44 The right equipment is key to good frog fishing
  • 7:14 Topwater frog baits
  • 9:21 Pointy nose topwater frog actions
  • 12:18 Popping frog actions
  • 14:41 Reeling frogs
  • 16:09 What do bass think a topwater frog is?
  • 19:47 Seaonal when & where to catch bass on a topwater frog
  • 37:41 Why choose Invsi-braid fishing line?
  • 38:24 Model of frog for vegetation
  • 41:00 Tips for skipping topwater frogs
  • 42:24 Modifications for frogs
  • 45:52 Bed fishing in the spawn with a topwater frog

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