Major League Fishing pro Clabion Johns joined The Bass University in early 2022 to talk about bass that love to eat sunfish, particularly "bream", a sort of catch-all name for bluegill, red ear, green sunfish, pumpkinseed, etc. In many lakes, these fish are the ideal forage for big bass, especially during Spring through Fall when they can be an easy meal up shallow. In this bass fishing class video seminar, you'll learn what baits best imitate various types of fish referred to a "bream", you'll learn where to find these sunfish throughout the year in different types of waterways and why targeting bream eaters is a great tournament strategy.

  • 0:25 Bass love to eat sunfish
  • 1:20 Different types of "bream"
  • 3:05 Fishing tackle for targeting bream-eating bass
  • 4:19 Baits that imitate bream
  • 8:41 Select your bait based on the conditions
  • 10:30 Sunfish species we want to imitate
  • 12:37 Pre Spawn - when & where
  • 14:29 Spawners defending beds
  • 16:26 Post spawn & bluegill beds
  • 20:19 Summertime - not all fish go deep
  • 28:52 Autumn - when the bream bite ends
  • 32:07 Why turn swim jig trailers sideways?
  • 34:07 Are there finesse bluegill imitating techniques?
  • 34:49 How does the approach change geographically?
  • 36:25 When to dye your bait
  • 37:20 Are prop baits viable?
  • 38:13 Crankbaits in bream colors?
  • 39:00 Best color for targeting bream beds

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