Post spawn is one of Jacob Powroznik's favorite times to fish for bass. In this bass fishing class seminar, Jacob shares some of his favorite baits to get bites after the spawn. Powroznik also shares some key areas to look for post spawn bass, as well as loads of tips on rigging and fishing your baits.

  • 0:14 In post spawn the tables have turned in the war between bass and bream
  • 1:16 Some of Jacob Powroznik's favorite baits for post spawn bass fishing
    • 1:28 Livingston Walk N Pop 67 Tournament - high percentage areas in the post spawn, and the tackle you need to catch them on this Pop-R-style bait
    • 6:12 Don't rule out jerkbaits
    • 6:56 Powroznik's favorite bait for post spawn bass fishing
    • 7:59 Lakes that are good for cranking directly after the spawn
    • 9:04 Round bends vs EWG treble hooks, feathers on a treble and other tips and bait modifications for fishing in the post spawn
    • 13:47 Walking baits (spook-style baits)
    • 15:56 Extra tips for lure modification for post spawn
  • 18:13 What to look for when bass fishing in the post spawn
  • 23:14 How to fish for post spawn bass
  • 32:50 The 2 week period directly following spawn and what bass do
  • 34:08 Hydrowave
  • 39:08 Managing fish on multi-day tournaments
  • 43:17 Loop knots & how to enjoy fishing shaky head

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