Bed fishing is Jacob Powroznik's favorite time of for bass fishing. In this video, Powroznik talks about some of his favorite baits and colors for catching bass while sight fishing. He shares some tips about approaching bass and determining the big female's willingness to bite. He also breaks down studying a map for prime locations for bed fishing, the equipment he uses and finishes this remastered bass fishing class seminar by answering some student questions.

  • 0:15 In bass fishing you have to be learning something new every day
  • 0:38 Spawn is a great time to catch bass
  • 1:25 Bed fishing bait selection (colors, shapes and sizes)
  • 7:07 Why you should have a notebook with you whenever you're fishing
  • 11:42 Sneaking up on a bass on the bed
  • 15:07 Smallmouth on the bed are easy to catch
  • 21:00 Boat position when fishing for bass on the bed
  • 25:02 What you need to be a successful at bed fishing
  • 30:14 Sunglasses for sight fishing
  • 31:44 Using the sun and being stealthy
  • 34:40 Why Jacob Powroznik likes turtles
  • 37:00 Anchors
  • 40:42 Reading the spawning bass's behavior and determining if they're catchable
  • 48:53 Reading a map to locate spawning bass
  • 55:47 Sight fishing in muddy water
  • 57:40 Rod for bed fishing for bass

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