Ish Monroe loves fishing for big spawning bass. Ish famously won a tournament on Lake Amistand fishing beds. In that tournament, he caught over 100lbs. of bass in a 4-day Bassmaster event, primarily fishing a giant tube to go after the big spawning females. In this bass fishing instructional class seminar, Ish talks about the right conditions to look for spawning bass, where to look, what baits/colors to use, understanding how males and females behave on a bed and more!

  • 0:10 Spawning bass, one of Ish Monroe's favorite techniques, and the 1 key ingredient that's absolutely necessary
  • 2:02 Colors of sunglass lenses
  • 4:45 Where are bass spawning at different times of the year?
  • 5:37 Important factors that determine when bass spawn
  • 9:56 Example of spawning migration routes
  • 10:48 Examples of spawning bass on a bed
  • 12:07 When both bass are on the bed
  • 14:39 Bait selection when fishing for spawning bass and Ish's 3 prong approach
    • 16:24 Standard bait choice - Missile Baits D Stroyer Creature Bait
    • 17:50 Big bait - Mizmo Ish Tube
    • 21:59 Finesse - Missile Baits Drop Craw Worm
  • 24:33 Bait colors
  • 27:14 Other keys, tips, secrets and tricks for spawning bass fishing success
  • 28:43 Where to make your first cast when approaching a bass bed
  • 29:40 How far away you should stay from the bed
  • 34:37 The timeline that bass stay on a bed
  • 36:30 Plan of attack for bass that have just pulled off the bed
  • 38:16 What does/should a weekend angler do when they see a big fish on the bed?
  • 43:02 What if you are unable to see the bass on the bed?
  • 44:26 What if you don't know there are beds in an area, what bait do you search for beds with?
  • 45:32 Do you use topwater lures, like frogs, for fishing for bass during the spawn?
  • 46:36 How long will Ish Monroe try to catch a bass on the bed?
  • 48:22 Does Ish Monroe ever throw swimbaits or glide baits on a bed?
  • 49:20 Does color aggravate a spawning bass on the bed? 
  • 50:37 Hookset on a bedding fish
  • 50:58 Cold front after fish have locked onto beds, what happens?
  • 52:56 After females spawn, what do they do?

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