Just take a look at the selection of soft plastic baits at TackleDirect. There are thousands and thousands of bait/color combinations to choose from! Ish Monroe helps simplify the process of selecting the right soft plastic and describes the scenarios for using his most effective soft plastic baits in this bass fishing training seminar. Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking the right soft plastic bait? It’s easy to not know where to start. Simplifying your bait options and colors will go a long way in helping you be more productive when you're out fishing It’s not always about picking the right color of worm, but more about putting it in the right place. In this seminar, Ish Monroe breaks down several different varieties of soft plastic baits, and talks about his preference for color section. Monroe also shares tips for how to rig soft swimbaits, how to rig drop shot worms, and how to know what is the best hook to use, among other topics.

  • 2:20 How To Fish Creature Baits
  • 9:20 Importance Of Seasonal Bait Patterns
  • 12:10 When To Use Different Baits
  • 19:30 Importance Of A Soft Plastic Bait's Action
  • 22:20 The "Cheat Rig"
  • 29:20 Why Tie A Snell Knot?
  • 31:10 Understanding Different Finesse Worms
  • 36:00 How To Rig Soft Plastic Swimbaits
  • 37:30 Importance Of Fishing Soft Plastics
  • 41:15 When You Should Peg Your Weight
  • 42:45 When To Use Dye And Scents
  • 44:55 How To Determine What Hook To Use


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