Fred Roumbanis (aka Boom Boom) is here to talk about the sensory triangle (sight, sound & scent) as it relates to catching bass. Often we will focus on 1 or 2 elements and overlook a 3rd. In this bass fishing eductaional video, Fred Roumbanis talks will cover the following:

Main Sight, Sound & Scent Topics


  • Considerations in "match the hatch" to make sure you are presenting a bait that truly represents the forage in your body of water
  • Color considerations - how do you choose from the sea of colors available in bass fishing lures and what determines which color to select?


  • Bass don't just use their eyes to find food, they also have a lateral line, and they can use it to detect vibration, the way we use our ears
  • Fred talks about ways to add sound to your baits
  • Roumbanis also talks about how sound can negatively effect your fishing day
  • There are also electronics accessories that can help with activating fish with sound and neutralizing negative sounds (TH Marine Hydrowave)


  • This is the most overlooked aspect of the sensory triangle
  • Like sounds, many smells/scents can actually be a negative, learn what things you want to avoid contacting your baits
  • There are also positive scents, particularly prey scents: baitfish, crawdad, garlic, etc.

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