In this remastered bass fishing class video seminar, Fred Roumbanis shares some of his favorite modifications and tips for customizing your bass fishing lures. From colors and scents, to rarely-fished fishing lines, to treble-hooked spinnerbaits, Fred shares modifications anyone can do, even the beginner lure modification tinkerer. These lure modifications will give your bait improved or unique action, sound, color and more.

  • 0:14 Lure dyes : pens, dips & sprays
  • 4:24 The power and versatility of the Biffle Bug
  • 10:54 Swim jig modifications and trailers
  • 20:27 Single-strand braided line
  • 24:49 Garmin Panoptix Livescope is the closest thing to cheating without cheating
  • 31:31 The victory rig
  • 35:41 Rat wakebaits
  • 37:40 Fishing grass with a swim jig
  • 39:15 Scents
  • 44:30 Spinnerbait trailer hook secret modification tip
  • 45:14 Another spinnerbait secret

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