Do you feel like you get mentally lost while having a tough day on the water? While tournament bass fishing is exciting, it can quickly become stressful when things aren’t going your way.

In this seminar, Fred Roumbanis explains just how to survive competing in bass tournaments. Roumbanis discusses the early parts of his career, and how tight money was between events and shares some of the advice that was given to him to help him make it. People focus on learning to catch more bass, but Roumbanis also stresses the importance of learning the business side of the industry. While that can mean how to acquire sponsors, it can also mean simply working on the retail side of the industry.

A lot of different factors influence the level of success you can have on the water. For Roumbanis, it’s important to focus on controlling the things you can control such as being properly prepared with everything you need. You can’t change the weather, but you can make sure you have the right gear to feel comfortable in it.

He also discusses coming up with your own tournament strategies, the importance of confidence baits, and how he stays mentally tough while on the water.

Surviving Bass Fishing Tournaments Chapters

  • 13:00 Starting Out In Competitive Fishing
  • 19:25 The Business Of Fishing
  • 27:00 Plan For The Bad Years
  • 29:00 Control The Controllable
  • 34:10 New Bodies Of Water
  • 39:00 Find Your Own Bite With Confidence Baits
  • 41:25 Learning New Baits
  • 42:55 Tournament Strategies
  • 49:25 How To Stay Mentally Tough

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