Fred Roumbanis is known for frog fishing, and he attributes a lot of his tournament success to fishing topwater frogs. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Fred begins by sharing how he got started fishing frogs, and the people who helped him develop his techniques. Fred goes on to discuss the tackle he uses to fish a frog, along with the various types, sizes & shapes of frog he fishes. Throughout the class, Fred shares tips on customizing, modifying and repairing hollow-body topwater frogs. This class also features tips on where to throw a frog plus the best colors for different seasons and conditions. Roumbanis closes out the class by answering some frog fishing questions from the class.

  • 0:35 Fred Roumbanis frog fishing background
  • 7:16 Fred's frog fishing equipment
  • 8:50 About braided line and frog fishing
  • 9:59 Never take your eye off the prizes
  • 10:54 Know your frogs
  • 18:01 Changing frog legs
  • 24:05 Changing the hooks on a frog
  • 26:27 When to throw a topwater frog
  • 34:27 Places to target with a topwater frog
  • 39:58 Frog fishing hook set timing
  • 41:13 When a bass misses your topwater frog
  • 42:19 Choosing frog colors
  • 47:42 Short or long legs on a frog
  • 48:37 Change cadence/retrieve with water temperature?
  • 50:20 What's the shortest frogging rod you should use?
  • 51:30 Gear ratio reel for frog fishing

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