Major League Fishing's Fred Roumbanis is widely regarded as one of the best swimbait anglers competing today, but the West Coast native also credits a lot of his success to frog fishing. In this almost 40-minute bass fishing educational presentation, Fred Roumbanis goes over all of his favorite gear for frog fishing, and shares some of his favorite techniques and personal favorite frogs.

  • 1:00 Early Days of Fred's Frogging
  • 6:00 Picking the Right Color
  • 6:50 When to Throw a Frog
  • 10:00 How Water Temp Impacts the Bite
  • 11:50 Listen to the Environment
  • 12:40 Beating the Carp Spawn
  • 14:25 Where to Throw a Frog
  • 16:20 Different Types of Frogs
  • 20:00 Modifications
  • 20:40 Fishing Docks
  • 21:40 Color Variety
  • 25:45 Weather and Water Conditions
  • 31:35 Proper Frog Gear

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