Mark Menendez won his first top-level bass fishing tournament on a jerkbait. In this remastered bass fishing video seminar, Menendez sets out to share his approach to catching bass with jerkbaits in various water temperatures. Mark begins by talking about what sets jerkbaits apart from other baits, in short, the drawing power of the jerkbait. Then Mark begins to break down his baits, cadance, tackle and more for various water temperatures. Along the way, he shares stories of his tournament success, his approach to waiting and modifying baits to suspend, slow rise, or slow sink and more.

  • 0:08 What makes jerkbaits different than target-specific baits or noisy search baits?
  • 1:55 How well can fish see your bait from a distance?
  • 3:50 Jerkbaits and very very cold water
  • 5:36 What bass are looking for as the water temperatures get a little warmer
  • 12:27 Weighting jerkbaits for suspending or slow sinking - how to modify a jerkbait
  • 16:40 Importance of having the right cadance and jerk + understanding how fish releate to dropoffs
  • 34:52 Jerkbait colors that Mark Menendez likes
  • 36:27 How to cheat in a bass fishing tournament - trick to catch more bass
  • 40:54 Jerkbaits as water temperatures begin to rise
  • 53:18 When water temperatures get even warmer and into summer
  • 55:10 Exepnsive jerkbaits and why Mark Menendez doesn't usually prefer them

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