Win Cold Water Winter Bass Fishing Tournaments - Kriet

Win Cold Water Winter Bass Fishing Tournaments - Kriet

When Jeff Kriet talks about fishing cold water, he's not talking about 52 degrees, when most people go to a jerkbait and maybe put down their topwaters. He's talking about really cold, like dead-of-winter cold. Just because you get a warm spell, doesn't mean that the water isn't still 39 degrees. Jeff Kriet traditionally does well in winter and early spring tournaments where the water is very cold. He starts by telling you what most anglers, even many top-level bass fishing tournament anglers, go wrong. One of his biggest tips is to fish for "a" bite, don't go out with a head of steam expecting a non-stop action on reaction baits.

Jeff Kriet goes on to talk about his favorite lures for fishing in really cold water, more importantly, he talks about what makes his rigs different and how he fishes them differently. Kriet has the secrets you need to go from, "The fishing sucks", to "Fishing's great, you should have come!".

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The information is very valuable, priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improve my tournament fishing.
- Steven C.