Bassmaster Elite series bass fishing pro Mark Menendez joined The Bass University in January 2020 at Kokomo, Indiana to talk about bass fishing in the winter and in very cold water. In many places you can still fish for bass throughout the winter, learn some of the best tips & tactics for cold weather bass fishing from Mark Menendez in this bass fishing video seminar.

  • 0:18 The part that Asian carp plays in the future of bass fishing for affected waters and what we can do
  • 16:07 Eliminating unproductive water in the winter and prespawn periods
  • 18:13 Best times of day to fish in the winter
  • 25:31 How fish relate to specific structure throughout the day
  • 27:36 Winter jerkbait fishing color tip
  • 28:54 Where to look and what to look for when fishing for bass during the winter months
  • 31:44 One of Mark's favorite bass fishing lures for winter bass fishing
  • 34:42 Cold water bass fishing with spoons
  • 38:00 The Alabama rig
  • 38:42 Spinnerbaits & crankbaits
  • 42:37 Question & answer with Mark Menendez

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