Bassmaster Angler-of-the-Year Seth Feider, also known as "The Llama," shares his insights on using a jerkbait while cold water fishing with Bass University. Seth explains his setup for fishing the jerkbait, using a shorter rod and lighter fishing line. His preferred jerkbait is Rapala Shadow Rap. He discusses different ways to move the bait (cadences) while fishing, which is crucial for attracting fish.

Seth highlights how effective a jerk bait can be, especially in cold water conditions. However, he notes that it's now used throughout the year and has become even more prominent with the use of forward-facing sonar technology, like LiveScope, MEGA Live & ActiveTarget.

You can gain valuable knowledge from Seth Feider, Bassmaster Elite Champion and Angler of the Year, as he shares his expertise on jerkbait fishing right from the water with The Bass University.

Cold Water (Winter) Jerkabit Bass Fishing Chapters

  • 0:10: Introduction
  • 1:06: Jerkbait Setup
  • 8:10: Jerkbait Fishing 101
  • 17:00: Where to Fish a Jerkbait
  • 22:00: Jerkbaits Year Round 

What You Will Learn in This Jerkbait Fishing Class with Seth Feider

  • Is winter a great time to fish jerkabits?
  • Seth's Jerkbait Choice, especially for cold water
  • Feider's jerkbait fishing rod
  • Recommended gear ratio reel
  • Fishing line recommendations and what to consider as temperatures approach freezing
  • What knot to tie when fishing a jerkabit
  • Does Seth Feider fish the factory hooks on the Rapala Shadow Rap?
  • What are the best colors to fish for jerkbaits in cold and warmer water?
  • How do I work the jerkbait to get bites from bass?
  • How do I get the best action out of my jerkbait?
  • How long do I pause between twitches to get bass to bite?
  • How do I know if I got a bite from a winter bass on a jerkbait?
  • What about drag settings with that soft rod and light line, how do you get a good hookset?
  • With 3 treble hooks, how do I land the fish without getting a hand full of hooks?
  • Why is fall and winter a good time to fish jerkbaits?
  • Are there other times to fish a jerkbait for smallmouth or largemouth bass?
  • What's the best water clarity for fishing a jerkabit?

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