Bassmaster Elite Series bass tournament angler and smallmouth expert Seth Feider joins Pete Gluszek and The Bass University at ICAST 2018. Seth talks about some smallmouth secrets, like what conditions to expect to find smallmouth up shallow and looking for food. Pete and Seth talk about their success or lack thereof with spybaits.

Seth introduces some of his favorite new tackle from ICAST 2018:

  • VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig Head - new larger sizes (up to 1 oz) coming in November 2018
  • Rapala RipStop Jerkbaits - larger baitcaster-size with 3 treble hooks and why this is a great postspawn and summer jerkbait
  • VMC Neko Skirted Weight - easily add an enticing skirt to your neko rig presentation with this skirted nail weight
  • VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hook - Seth reports a huge landing percentage increase with these split-ringed EWG-style hooks
  • VMC Tokyo Rig - Have you ever wanted to flip a dropshot into the grass without all the hassle of fishing a fluorocarbon leader?
  • Sufix Advance Monofilament - Smaller diameter and less stretch than standard monofilament. It's great for topwaters, jerkbaits and other situations where you need a floating line.
  • Sufix 832 Braided Line Coastal Camo - Want a line you can see, but the clear water smallmouth can't when they're looking up? Feider likes to see the line, but doesn't like to fish the bright neon colors that the fish can see too.

If you're a smallmouth angler, you'll want to hear Feider's tip for landing giant smallmouth on big waters!

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