Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Seth Feider discusses the ultimate finesse bait for smallmouth fishing, hair jigs. If you have clear water, smallmouth and fish 15' of water or less, this seminar is for you! In this video, Seth discusses:

  • Selecting size and color of marabou jig
  • Fishing line, rod & reel tackle setup for optimal casting distance
  • Knots Seth Feider prefers for fluorocarbon leaders and attaching the lure
  • Tips for extra hair jig casting distance
  • How to fish a marabou jig
  • Why a good pair of polarized glasses will success with this bait and technique
  • Contour map examples of where to target smallmouth bass with this a finesse hair jig
  • Towing/Trolling: a great techniue for beginners and kids
  • Fighting big smallmouth on small line and light hooks
  • Seth's preferred jig head for fishing marabou jigs

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