David Dudley has won 4 FLW Angler of the Year titles, and he has strong opinions about the tackle and techniques that got him there. You may know, or even be, one of the guys that doesn't want to be seen fishing a "fairy wand" or a "sissy stick", but David Dudley attributes a lot of his tournament success to fishing techniques that best-suited for spinning tackle. In this seminar, David shares tips and information about fishing a shaky head and a swimbait, but also touches on the Ned rig. David shares from his experiences testing different types of fishing line, different jigheads, and more. In this bass fishing seminar class video, David also answers questions about fishing as a co-angler, favorite swimbait colors, soft plastics for shaky heads, and why he hads big hard bodied swimbaits. 

  • 0:37 Fishing is like a game of chess, there are nearly limitless moves you can make
  • 2:18 Knowing specific techniques can make you a more successful angler
  • 4:11 You're a LIAR!
  • 7:46 #1 thing to never do when fishing a shaky head (aka shakey head)
  • 9:46 Soft plastic lures to fish on a shaky head rig, like the Zoom Trick Worm
  • 10:19 The right size jighead for fishing shaky head
  • 11:27 You need to get into swimbait fishing
  • 11:50 Types of swimbaits: boot tails, like the Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait & hollow body boot tails
  • 12:58 Choosing the right swimbait jighead
  • 15:41 Choosing the right swimbait color
  • 17:44 Detecting bites on a swimbait and why you're missing bites
  • 20:15 Big hard body swimbaits make me want to puke!
  • 22:50 Rods & line for fishing swimbaits
  • 23:38 Ned rig fishing question
  • 25:03 Advice for tournament co-anglers & fishing with spinning tackle
  • 27:40 braid vs fluorocarbon
  • 32:10 Why is David Dudley using a spinning rod so much in tournaments?

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