In this on the water bass fishing video, learn how to fish a magnum shaky head worm. Pete Gluszek is not known for wanting to throw small/slow finesse techniques, and for good reason, covering water with bigger profile baits often catches bigger fish. Particularly in a 5 biggest bass tournament, upgrading your bass size is more important than catching numbers. We all know that the shaky head is a great finesse technique and it excels at catching numbers of bass. Pete is here to show you some slight modifications that will keep you catching lots of fish, but often triggering strikes from bigger bass.

  • 0:15 Introduction to this technique and why Pete Gluszek loves it
  • 1:27 Spinning tackle or baitcasting tackle?
  • 2:05 Spinning rod : when to use it and what rod/reel/line/leader to use
  • 7:11 Baitcasting magnum shaky head worms : when to use it and what rod/reel/line/leader to use
  • 9:30 Why the magnum shaky head draws more strikes from bigger fish
  • 11:44 Magnum shaky head worm colors
  • 13:15 Magnum shaky head fishing demonstration
    • 14:11 Fishing clear water targets with spinning tackle
    • 16:46 How to work a magnum shaky head
    • 17:45 Tip for not losing fish
    • 18:53 How to fish the technique and cover water efficiently
    • 22:49 Making the decision to move to a new fishing location
    • 26:41 Advantages of working with a big spool and braided line
    • 29:22 One easy tip to help you find the baitfish
    • 30:34 Smallmouth bass catch and why to use a big spool reel with a higher gear ratio

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