There's a big misconception within a large portion of the bass fishing community that shaky heads only catch small fish. While they will certainly catch small fish, Bryan Thrift is here to tell you that they catch big, tournament-winning fish as well. In this on the water bass fishing instructional class video, Thrift is on a clear water reservoir with several feet of visibility and lots of docks. Watch as Bryan discusses his tackle, demonstrates 2 different rigging methods he uses (as well as discussing when he uses each), and how to fish a shaky head. Then, Bryan answers the pressing question, "Why am I only catching small fish with a shaky head?". As a bonus, Bryan takes you out to fish docks and demonstrates how he maximizes his time on the water when fishing docks with a shaky head.

  • 0:16 Shaky head doesn't only catch small fish! You can catch big fish with this rig and Bryan gives some examples of tournaments he caught big bags on a shaky head
  • 1:49 Bryan Thrift's shaky head fishing setup: Fitzgerald Fishing Bryan Thrift Series Spinning Rod, braided line backing, fluoro leader, spinning reel
  • 4:30 Shaky head setup: jighead styles, colors and sizes & rigging collar keepers and screw lock keepers
  • 12:23 Shaky head baits that catch fish anywhere: Damiki Stinger Soft Stick Worm & Zoom Trick Worm
  • 13:58 Shaky head bait colors
  • 15:39 Why you're only catching small fish with a shaky head, and what you can do to catch big fish with it
  • 19:57 Example of an area that Bryan Thrift likes to fish a shaky head and how to fish it with a shaky head
  • 22:10 Shaky head jig head size and why Bryan Thrift uses the same weight most of the time
  • 23:20 Shaky head retrieve (how to fish a shaky head)
  • 24:46 Bryan Thrift's approach to picking apart a dock efficiently

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