Bryan Thrift grew up skipping jigs under docks in North Carolina and took what he learned to launch his FLW career with a 2nd place finish in Texas, using those techniques. In this video, Bryan Thrift will teach you how to skip docks to catch more and bigger bass. Learn what equipment Bryan uses, the baits and the technique for skipping a jig under docks.

  • 0:52 Jig skipping tackle (rod, reel & line)
  • 2:33 The jig and how Bryan Thrift customizes it out of the package
  • 3:25 The knot Bryan Thrift ties for skipping jigs
  • 4:08 The jig trailer for this bass fishing technique
  • 4:46 Making the correct skip cast
  • 8:12 Fishing docks you can't skip under
  • 11:41 Different ways to swim a jig
  • 13:21 Bryan Thrift's approach to fishing a jig
  • 15:05 Getting a fish to react to your jig after skipping it under the dock

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