Docks are one of the most commonly fished structures on any lake, but are you sure you’re fishing them correctly?

While fish can often be found around the outside edges, skipping under the dock can help pick up extra bites – and often larger fish. 

In this seminar, Matt Arey explains how you can skip docks like a pro. 

Arey breaks dock skipping down into two categories: baitcasting and spinning rods. While each of these methods is different, Arey keeps his bait selection simple. For his spinning setup, Arey often relies on a wacky rigged stick bait. Meanwhile, he typically uses a half-ounce jig on his baitcasting setup. 

These two techniques provide Arey with a way to target bass suspending around docks, as well as those who are holding tight to the bottom. 

Arey also goes in-depth on how to locate the right docks depending on the time of year. He also shares his perspective on boat positioning, and how it can help you catch more bass. 

  • 0:40 Best Baitcasting Setup For Skipping Dock
  • 1:55 Choosing The Right Jig
  • 3:45 Best Spinning Setup For Skipping Docks 
  • 7:45 Keys to Dock Fishing
  • 10:50 How To Skip Docks With A Baitcaster
  • 19:05 How To Skip Docks With A Spinning Rod
  • 27:10 Breaking Down A Dock

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