In this bass fishing class seminar, Bassmaste Elite Series tournament angler Matt Arey joins us to share some of his fishing tips and bait recommendations for fishing underspins all year. Arey shares his general tackle setup, then offers a breakdown of what soft plastic trailer he uses, where he looks & how he fishes the bait in each season.

  • 0:45 Let's talk about underspins and their versatility
  • 1:21 Why throw an underspin?
  • 2:05 Optimal conditions to fish an underspin
  • 2:41 Tackle for fishing an underspin
  • 3:57 Winter - bait, where to fish & how to fish an underspin in cold weather
  • 11:04 Spring - fishing an underspin & bait selection
  • 15:06 Summer - bass fishing with an underspin in the hottest time of the year
    • 17:44 Quick Summer brush fishing tip
  • 20:35 Fall/Autumn - confusing time to fish, dialing it in with the underspin
  • 24:36 Do you ever vertical fish an underspin?
  • 25:35 Underspins when bluegill are primary forage
  • 27:03 Contrasting or shock colors that stand out
  • 27:59 Why use slender baits on underspins?
  • 28:57 Blade sizes and colors + a great tip for getting more hookups
  • 30:31 Line size for fishing underspins
  • 31:10 Underspins in shallow lakes
  • 32:16 Gauge & size of hooks
  • 33:17 Fishing an underspin over shallow wood cover
  • 34:57 Underspin predictions for The Bassmaster Classic

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