As technology improves in bass fishing, secret offshore spots are harder to keep to yourself. 

“If you look at our approaches to fishing shallow water over the years one of the most important things about fishing shallow water situations ... is stealth,” says Matt Arey. “Stealth is a very, very underrated thing that you need to pay more attention to than maybe anything. Now with the advancements of forward-facing sonar and the advancements in our electronics, the fish that are off the bank are getting as much pressure as they ever have.”

In this seminar, Arey discusses how to approach offshore brush piles subtly, and how to use your electronics to better approach the area. 

Arey typically relies on two techniques for attacking offshore brush piles: suspending jerkbaits and small swimbaits. 

While suspending jerkbaits can be paused above the brush to help draw bass out, Arey says he often uses small swimbaits to target brush more closely by bringing the bait across the cover. 

The bait selection is important, but Arey stresses the importance of approaching offshore brush piles carefully to avoid spooking the fish. He says he utilizes the swimbait and jerkbait to fish his target first – while staying as far away as possible – but he will later move in with a jig to pick apart the area. 

Like many techniques, forward-facing sonar plays a large role in targeting these fish. Arey uses his to not only help locate the brush piles more efficiently, but also to track exactly where his bait is in relation to the fish. 

  • 3:00 How To Fish Offshore Brush Piles
  • 3:15 Targeting Offshore Fish With Jerkbaits
  • 3:50 How To Fish Small Swimbaits 
  • 6:00 How To Approach Brush Piles Quietly
  • 8:25 Scanning For Brush Piles
  • 11:30 How To Get Baits To The Right Depth
  • 12:55 Importance Of Varying Your Retrieves
  • 16:40 When To Move Closer To Brush Piles

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