Brandon Palaniuk goes out on the water with some jerkbaits and his Humminbird electronics in search of some hungry and/or curious bass. Forward-facing sonar has really increased the effectiveness of the jerkbait. In this on the water bass fishing class, Brandon Palaniuk shares how the jerkbait is perfectly suited this new technology. Learn the body shapes and sizes of jerkabits that Brandon fishes, the tackle to get the best action out of the bait and modifications to help keep the bait in the strike zone. Brandon then demonstrates how he fishes a jerkbait and why a jerkbait is so versatile. 

  • 0:21 A different jerkbait bass fishing class
  • 1:22 Choosing the right jerkbait and making modifications to get it dialed in
  • 5:08 Having the right tackle (rod, reel & line)
  • 9:58 Jerkbait body shapes
  • 11:13 How to fish a jerkbait
  • 13:28 Using forward-facing sonar, like Humminbird Mega Live, when jerkbait fishing
  • 16:07 Jerkbait versatility
  • 21:03 Jerkbait follow-up baits

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