Forward facing sonar, like the new Humminbird Mega Live Imaging or comparable electronics from Lowrance & Garmin, are changing the sport of fishing. This technology is being used for all type of fish, but tournament bass fishing is one area where it's making the biggest impact. Scanning structure and cover for isolated bass or schools of fish, looking for cover as you cover water, watching how fish react to your lure, all real time. In this on the water bass fishing class, Lee Livesay walks us through some of the most common questions from anglers that are new to forward facing sonar: what fish look like, what grass lines look like, what man-made structures look like, and more. Watch as Livesay uses his Humminbird Mega Live Imaging as his underwater eyes to see the "wall" of the grass line edge, the individual pylons on a triple pylon dock, the foundation of a bridge piling, and the ribs in a steel sea wall. With forward facing sonar electronics, you no longer need to  line up waypoints to cover and make a cast, hoping the fish are holding tight to the cover. Now you can see and confirm where the cover is from the front of the boat, scan around and see if fish are on the cover are perhaps suspended 20ft off the side, or maybe over the cover. Forward facing sonar is a great tool to locate bass, assess their mood and see how they react to your baits/lures, techniques & presentation.

  • 0:19 Forward facing sonar like Humminbird Mega Live Imaging is changing the sport of fishing
  • 2:39 What fish look like on forward facing sonar, panning and adjusting settings
  • 6:43 Fising around a sea wall and tracking fish with forward facing sonar
  • 14:44 Looking at dock pylons and fishing a jig with Humminbird Mega Live Imagaing
  • 18:11 What a bridge pylon looks like on forward facing sonar and how fish relate to a bridge piles
  • 21:14 How forward facing sonar has changed how Lee Livesay approached tournament practice and competition

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