Tyson Alvanos has a a long history with sonar electronics who works with Hummingbird. In this bass fishing educational interview which was recorded earlier this year, Pete Gluszek and Tyson talk about some of the developments from Humminbird and how they've changed the process of locating bass, getting back to spots  and fishing spots effectively without scaring off the bass. Technologies like side imaging, 360 imaging and spot-lock have revolutionized how many angler fish, learn how to make the most of them in this video interview.

  • 0:45 Introduction of Tyson Avalnos from Humminbird Electronics and being a part of the fishing industry
  • 4:27 How frequencies with side imaging, sonar and other electronics technologies really work
  • 7:20 Tyson's personal best largemouth bass
  • 12:28 The difficulty of translating side imaging into an accurate cast to the cover and how 360 imaging makes it easier
  • 15:54 Spot-lock technology
  • 18:29 Side imaging adoption in different fishing communities
  • 19:15 Tips and advice for getting more out of your sonar electronics

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