Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion, Lee Livesay, has teamed up with Bass U to share his expertise on catching smallmouth bass. In this class, he simplifies the process of locating smallmouth bass using Humminbird electronics, such as side imaging and mega live technology. These tools are crucial for Lee when he prepares to fish in large bodies of water in search of big smallmouth.

Lee also provides detailed information about the equipment he uses, including his rod, reel, and fishing line setup for smallmouth bass. He especially focuses on his preferred rig for smallmouth, known as the Dropshot rig. Lee explains the specific hook, weight, and bait he uses to successfully catch smallmouth bass.

During the class, you'll witness Lee hooking into multiple smallmouth using his Humminbird MEGA Live technology to locate groups of smallmouth known as "Wolfpacks." If you're a fan of smallmouth fishing, this on-the-water session with Lee Livesay offers everything you need to learn how to navigate large bodies of water and locate those prized big smallmouth bass.

Humminbird Side Imaging & MEGA Live Sonar for Smallmouth Chapters

  • 1:10: Setup for Smallmouth
  • 3:33: Humminbird Mapping Breakdown
  • 6:07: Humminbird Side Imaging 
  • 8:54: Covering Water with MEGA LIVE Sonar
  • 22:00: Watching Fish Bite on MEGA LIVE Sonar

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