Side Imaging, Down Imaging & Mega 360 - Gluszek

Side Imaging, Down Imaging & Mega 360 - Gluszek


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In this on the water bass fishing class, Pete Gluszek demonstrates what wood and rocks look like on Humminbird Solix electronics using sonar, side imaging, down imaging and MEGA 360 imaging. Watching this video can help you know what to expect to see as you use your electronics to find bass fishing targets. Once a spot is located, Pete demonstrates using other Minn Kota marine electronics to stay near waypoints and repeatedly hit targets using MEGA 360 imaging. Find spots more quickly, mark them for future reference and fish those spots effectively, keeping your lure in high percentage areas more effectively to make the most of your time on the water and maximize your tournament fishing time.

  • 0:20 Introduction to today's advanced sonar electronics
  • 1:18 Utilizing MEGA 360 imaging and Minn Kota Raptor Shallow Water Anchors or Spot-Lock-enabled trolling motor to identify and hit targets consistently with your lure
  • 8:57 Looking at cover we've already seen on 360 using side imaging
  • 11:31 Now looking at the same cover on down imaging
  • 12:52 Finally, the same cover on traditional 2d sonar
  • 13:59 Pete Gluszek's recommendations for getting to know your electronics and becoming proficient with new imaging technologies
  • 15:34 Looking at rock piles on sonar, down imaging and side imaging
  • 17:56 Looking at the same rocks and fishing them with 360 and Raptor shallow water anchors

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Its the little subtle techniques that make you a better angler in this sport and here you can get them right from the pros mouths.
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