Pete Gluszek is on the water with a Humminbird 998c to talk about using sonar electronics on your boat. Electronics is one of our most requested fishing eductional topics and Pete is here to ensure you're up-to-speed on how to use these units as your "eyes under the water" to help locate and catch bass.

2D Sonar & GPS Topics

  • 1:10 Turning on your unit
  • 2:40 Intro to 2d sonar
  • 4:45 Transducer performance
  • 5:55 Identifying habitat 
  • 6:35 Identifying fish
  • 7:55 Marking a waypoint 
  • 11:15 Identifying grass 
  • 11:25 Using a bait to identify cover
  • 16:00 Using waypoints 

Pete starts by talking about 2d sonar, which is the view most familiar to anglers who have been using sonar electronics since the mid-90s. Pete idles around discusses what you're seeing, including: reading bottom contour, identifying cover (like submerged logs), marking a waypoint on cover (for units that support pausing the live view and selecting areas with the cursor), identifying graph markings in the water column, reading depth, reading temperature, GPS coordinates and more.

Pete also talks about some baits he uses in tandem with his electronics to determine what you're seeing on the bottom, which helps distinguish between things like grass, wood, rocks, etc.

Lastly, Pete demonstrates using the GPS waypoint to navigate back to an area where he marked a waypoint to further investigate some cover he marked earlier.

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