2017 Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee joins The Bass University in his first fishing instructional seminar video, recorded in Tulsa, OK in early 2018. In this video, Jordan Lee will discuss using the latest sonar/gps electronics. Jordan starts with talking about his preferred electronics setup and configuration for sonar, gps mapping, structure scan and down scan on the front and console of his bass fishing boat. Lee also discusses the screen sizes and why he feels like "bigger is better", but not necessary.

In this 47-minute bass fishing video, Jordan Lee will also cover the following topics:

  • Sensitivity settings - What's a good place to start when setting up my sonar? How do I know if the sensitivity is too low or too high? Why is sensitivity important and how can it help me catch bigger fish?
  • Sonar vs. Downscan - Which should I run? What will I see running sonar and downscan? How can I distinguish fish from not fish? Am I able to tell if fish are bass? What is the dark line I always see at the top of my sonar when I'm idling back through areas?
  • Finding the Right Spot - When do I know to stop and fish? What am I looking for in terms of structure and cover on my electronics? When am I going to look for offshore structure instead of fishing the bank or shallow water? How can I find brush piles?

Jordan Lee uses Lowrance electronics, and some information is specific to their units, specifically the Lowrance HDS-16 Carbon Sonar Fishfinder/Chartplotters, but a lot of the information is applicable for any sonar, down scan, structure scan or side scan unit. If you want to learn how to better locate and indentify bass on your electronics, locate and waypoint structure and cover: brush piles, rocks & stumps and generally better understand what you're seeing and how to be more productive with your sonar/gps electronics, this seminar from BASS Elite Series angler and Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee is a great place to start.

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