Bass University instructor, Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler and Lowrance Pro Staff member Jamie Hartman is on the water talking about using Lowrance sonar electronics. In this video, Jamie will teach you how to setup your Lowrance for video game fishing, catching fish real-time that are directly under your boat. He does a tutorial on clearing surface noise, setting ping speed, scroll speed, sensitivity and more. Hartman also talks about trolling, marking fish (what is fish and what isn't), reducing interference from trolling motor, and more! Learn how to setup your Lowrance sonar electronics for fishing vertically with baits like a dropshot, shakey head or damiki rig.

Video Game Fishing Topics

  • 0:40 Adjusting your settings
  • 2:15 Identifying marks
  • 4:00 How to eliminate trolling motor interference
  • 4:45 What does a fish look like on the bottom?
  • 6:00 Video game fishing demonstration
  • 8:00 Using your amplitude scope
  • 9:55 Identifying fish

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