For years, Joe Balog has been at the top of the leaderboard in tournaments on big Northern waters. Popular big water smallmouth destinations include places like Lake Erie, St. Clair, Sturgeon Bay and Lake Champlain. Joe Balog admits, dropshotting is not his favorite way to catch smallmouth bass, but, as he explains in this bass fishing class seminar video, the dropshot provides a handful of advantages that make it the best choice for tournament smallmouth bass fishing on big water.

  • 2:19 Dropshot is an awesome technique for smallmouth
  • 3:19 Northern smallmouth bass tournament season
  • 5:05 Why fish dropshots in smallmouth tournaments?
  • 6:08 Understanding the smallmouth bass life cycle
  • 8:11 Where bass setup & why it's hard to catch them
  • 10:59 Why the dropshot rig is so effective
  • 14:10 Effect of fishing pressure on Northern fisheries
  • 18:16 Balog's dropshot bass fishing hook
  • 29:55 Type of line & do you use a swivel?
  • 31:33 Catching smallmouth on big water
  • 40:43 Fish care : water temp, chemicals & handling

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