Fishing the Great Lakes for Smallmouth can be one of the most intimidating, but rewarding experiences an angler can have. However, the sheer size of lakes can leave many wondering where to even start. In this seminar, Joe Balog explains how to break down large bodies of water with mapping units to help locate bass on offshore structure. Additionally, Balog shares his insights on the key baits to help you land your next trophy Smallmouth.

  • 11:00 Preparing To Fish Big Water
  • 20:00 Finding Fish On Deep Water Structure
  • 28:40 Trophy Smallmouth Baits
  • 33:10 Cranking For Smallmouth
  • 33:40 Jerkbaits Keys
  • 34:45 Importance Of Drop Shotting
  • 38:00 Difference Between Smallmouth And Largemouth
  • 41:00 Selecting The Proper Gear
  • 43:15 How To Prevent Losing Smallmouth on Crankbaits

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