Bass fishing tournament veteran Gary Klein has never had another profession, besides professional bass angler. He's been fishing competitively, for a living for well over 40 years! In this instructional video, Gary wants to take The Bass University students back to basics and starting thinking about the way you fish. Gary discusses the basic mental aspects that separate a good fisherman from a great angler. All the way from buying tackle at the store, to packing your boat, to making decisions on the lake, Mr. Klein will discuss how your thought process can either lead you to success or derail you into never progressing from just being a good fisherman.

Gary's approach to stripping everything down to the basics will help every angler from beginners to pros to make better fishing decisions. For instance, he states, "There are only 2 types of fish".  He also says, "A fishing lure is only a tool", once you understand your tools, you can decide which of these two types of fish you're targeting and immediately eliminate a lot of your lure choices. Klein goes on to explain there are 2 elements of a lure that are his primary concern. He wants to dispell the concept that the secret bait is the answer, and wants to you focus on answering the question, "Why did I catch that fish?". To further simplify things, Klein says there are really only 4 types of water to fish in: Man-made, natural, current and tidal. 

A lot of this seminar from Gary Klein is about knowing your strengths and weaknesses. He wants every angler to understand that no 2 fishermen are the same. Concentrate on improving what works for you. Among legal ways to catch a bass, there are no "wrong ways", concentrate on developing techniques that work for you, even if they are "the deal" for every other angler.

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