More Positive Mental Attitude - Gerald Swindle : Remastered

Not everything about being a successful bass angler is about having the right boat, electronics & tackle or knowing the hottest new technique. Gerald Swindle is featured in this neely remastered bass fishing educational seminar on the mental side of bass fishing. Gerald credits PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) with helping him stop spinning his wheels of just "trying harder" and recognizing when he's going off the rails. As Gerald shares in this video, recognize when you're going down that path of negativity, because negativity breeds negativity. Surround yourself with positive people and keep your mind on the right track. The best in the business don't get angry and throw fits, you've only lost when you've lost control. A great athlete understands that any situation they've gotten themselves into, they can get themselves out of.

Sit back and take notes, as this class from 2x angler-of-the-year Gerald Swindle will not only make you a better bass fisherman, it will also make you a better person. Learn how to set your goals and have drive, be willing to sacrifice and you can achieve your dreams.

  • 0:08 Gerald Swindle can help make you a better fisherman
  • 0:25 3 Letters - PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) will change your life
  • 2:45 The most important weapon in your boat
  • 4:06 Live life looking only forward
  • 5:15 Bass fishing is the losing sport in the world. The best in the world only wins 6% of the time.
  • 6:49 Gerald shares a story about how the best in the business don't get rattled when things go wrong
  • 7:45 Learn something every day
  • 9:41 The key to success in bass fishing
  • 10:52 How to think more positively
  • 16:00 Negativity breeds more negativity
  • 19:40 The first step to controlling your emotions and becoming a better fisherman and a better person
  • 23:30 Gerald Swindle's motto and 2 goals for every day
  • 24:45 Grandpa wasn't just an old crusty fart
  • 26:57 Don't do too much
  • 27:59 Dealing with mental and physical fatigue in multi-day tournaments
  • 32:50 Keeping your hands warm
  • 35:04 It only takes 1 or 2 times of thinking positively until things get better
  • 36:44 Are you ready to sacrifice to be a professional bass tournament angler?
  • 41:17 Gerald Swindle's big break in tournament bass fishing

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