What is "positive mental attitude" and what does it have to do with bass fishing? In this bass fishing seminar, 2-time Bassmaster angler-of-the-year Gerald Swindle believes staying positive in any situation can not only help you win fishing tournaments and titles, but it can make you a better person and ultimately change your life. The sport of bass fishing is humbling, compared to any other sports. Gerald Swindle shares how understanding this key aspect will help shape his 4-point wheel of balance, which is key to helping you stay positive, be a better fisherman and be a better person.

Ever ask yourself "why do bad things happen to me? I didn't do anything to anybody". Does intensity make a great athlete and angler? How do you respond to negative situations? Gerald shares some perspective thoughts and considerations to keeping a positive attitude when you start to feeling like the world is against you, and you can't succeed no matter how hard you try.

Gerald Swindle also shares how perhaps our measure of success is part of the problem. Are we striving to win titles when everyone's looking, because that's everyone's measure of success? How can keeping a positive attitude and being respectful, even when there's no way you can can win a tournament, make you a better person all-around? Gerald Swindle was the first angler to win $1 million dollars, but not win an Elite Series tournament, what's the measure of success?

Gerald Swindle Positive Mental Attitude Class Summary

  • Keeping a good vibe no matter what life throws at you.
  • Gerald Swindle believes PMA is key in bass fishing; it's humbling and requires resilience.
  • PMA not only helps win tournaments but also shapes character and improves life overall.
  • Swindle's strategy to maintain positivity and balance in fishing and life.
  • Swindle advice on handling negative situations and maintaining a winning mindset.
  • Handling defeat with dignity and respect.
  • Swindle's success in earning millions without an Elite Series win (at the time of this writing) challenges traditional measures of success.

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