As bass across the country migrate out of their spawning areas to deep water structure, many anglers are searching for fish offshore. Offshore fishing can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

“When it comes to deep fishing, I have a number of baits,” said Gerald Swindle. “I can't just say there's going to be one bait everywhere I go and I'm only going to fish one bait. I've got a lineup.” In this on the water class, Swindle goes in-depth on his offshore fishing lineup and shares his best tips and tricks for catching more bass offshore.

One of Swindle’s go-to techniques, especially in the early summer, is deep cranking. Deep diving crankbaits give you the ability to target fish at almost all depths, and they allow you to cover water quickly. When searching for fish offshore, they serve as an incredible efficient way to locate fish – or to get the school active once you have located them.

The other baits in Swindle’s arsenal are for slowing down once you’ve located fish. He relies heavily on bottom-contact techniques like the Tokyo rig, drop shot, and a jig. While all of these can also be used to cover water, Swindle uses them as cleanup baits to pickup fish that deep diving crankbaits couldn’t catch. When fish are heavily pressured, they may not respond to crankbaits at all, which is another scenario these techniques may shine.

Swindle covers all of these techniques and more, such as how to find fish offshore, how to find fish a new offshore area, and how to locate and follow baitfish when fishing offshore.

Summer Ledge Bass Fishing Masterclass with Gerald Swindle Chapters

  • 4:55 Why Offshore Cranking Works
  • 5:55 How To Fish A Tokyo Rig
  • 7:20 How To Fish A Jig
  • 8:35 How To Fish A Drop Shot
  • 9:55 How To Fish A Small Swimbait
  • 11:55 On The Water Offshore Fishing With Gerald Swindle
  • 12:10 Tips For Offshore Cranking
  • 15:15 Tips For Fishing The Tokyo Rig Offshore
  • 18:30 Tips For Drop Shotting Offshore
  • 25:30 How To Fish A New Offshore Area
  • 31:50 Tips For Jig Fishing Offshore
  • 37:50 Fishing Around White Bass
  • 46:00 Dealing With Offshore Fishing Pressure
  • 50:00 Tips For Fishing A Magnum Spoon

What's Covered In This Summer Ledge Fishing Class?

  • Why does Gerald Swindle emphasize having a lineup of baits prepared for deep fishing?
  • Gerald Swindle's go-to technique for offshore fishing, especially in the early summer
  • How does Gerald Swindle use deep diving crankbaits when searching for fish offshore?
  • Locating and activating fish schools with a crankbait
  • What other baits does Gerald Swindle use for slowing down once fish are located offshore?
  • Which bottom-contact techniques does Gerald Swindle rely on for cleanup and catching fish that may not respond to crankbaits, especially in pressured situations?
  • In what scenarios do techniques like the Tokyo rig, drop shot, and jig shine according to Gerald Swindle?
  • Tips and tricks for effective offshore bass fishing
  • How to find fish offshore, explore new offshore areas, and locate and follow baitfish movements when fishing offshore

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