Gerald Swindle is back on Lake Guntersville with The Bass University to talk about offshore structure fishing. Ride along as Gerald looks for some bass schools on offshore structure and targets them with a Rapala DT Series Crankbait.

Swindle's Offshore Cranking on Guntersville Class Chapters

  • 0:33 Color selection on ledge fishing baits based on light penetration
  • 2:41 How to fish a crankbait on offshore structure
  • 4:03 How long to stay on a spot, particularly in the morning and in a tournament situation
  • 6:37 Looking for offshore structure with sonar electronics, marking spots and positioning the boat for optimal fishing
  • 10:13 Fishing a shell bar
  • 11:34 Stay confident, your electronics don't lie
  • 15:03 The types of places Gerald likes to start out cranking, and the areas where he starts with another bait, like a worm
  • 18:26 The most rewarding thing in bass fishing
  • 21:23 What offshore bass fishing is all about

What You Will Learn From Gerald Swindle in This Class

  • Picking crankbait color based on light conditions
  • Techniques for offshore structure fishing with a crankbait
  • Strategic decision making on when to stay in a spot
  • Using sonar electronics for structure location and boat positioning
  • Approaches to fishing on shell bars
  • Importance of confidence in using fishing electronics
  • G-man's preferred starting points for cranking and bait choices
  • Rewards of offshore bass fishing

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