While offshore cranking is a great way to target summertime bass in deep water, it’s also a technique that can be used throughout the year. Getting away from the banks to target offshore structure provides anglers a chance to target not only fish that not everything is finding, but oftentimes puts them near some of the biggest fish in the lake. In this seminar, Lee Livesay explains how anglers can use offshore cranking tactics for the spring, summer, winter and fall to help catch more bass.

  • 1:15 Offshore Winter Cranking
  • 4:15 Deeper Wintertime Fish
  • 7:45 Spring Transition
  • 9:00 How To Find Shell Beds
  • 11:24 Targeting Summertime Bass
  • 15:00 How To Approach Smallmouth
  • 17:20 Fall Transition Tactics
  • 20:32 Understanding Thermocline
  • 25:40 Tips For Each Season
  • 28:20 Rattle vs. Silent
  • 28:50 Understanding Line Size

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