FLW Tour professional tournament bass fisherman Hunter Freeman joins Pete Gluszek and Pat Renwick to talk about fishing deep water.

  • 1:04 Fishing in deep water and finding the fish deep can be intimidating
  • 3:30 Fishing deep with a Carolina rig
  • 4:09 Deep is a relative term, learn to locate what's different
  • 6:13 The advancements in sonar electronics and the time in saves in fishing offshore structure
  • 9:40 Tools for offshore fishing
    • 10:55 What bait do you start with?
    • 11:33 Carolina rig fishing deep water
    • 13:33 BIG texas rig worms on 4/0 hooks and how to get them hooked
    • 20:48 Football jig fishing in deep water
    • 22:24 Deep cranking
  • 23:43 Why fish go offshore

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