Bass University TV's Pete Gluszek is on the water to talk about a great year-round techniquefor catching bass. Often fished with a finesse bait, this technique is fished using power fishing equipment. The Carolina rig doesn't just catch small fish, as it's often accused of doing, but it will catch numbers of fish.

The Carolina Rig Seasons

Pete talks about the Carolina rig and great times/seasons for fishing this technique, and why those times are good.

Equipment for Fishing the Carolina Rig

  • Cashion 7'6" Carolina Rig Rod - CR90676 fast/hvy action rod
    • Pete talks about why you want a long and heavy action rod.
  • Lew's BB-1 Pro Series Speed Spool Casting Reel
    • Even though the Carolina rig is known as a slow technique, Pete talks about the importance of a high speed reel and how to use it effeciently to catch more bass.
  • 20lb. Fluorocarbon Line
    • Why use fluorocarbon line? Why such a large diameter? Pete will answer these questions, as well as tips that will help you get more fish to the boat. In the video, Pete talks about what size and type of line he uses for the leader.
  • Tungsten Weights
    • Gluszek discusses the sizes of weights and how to use the qualities of the tungsten material to your advantage.

Pete demonstrates the complete rigging for the technique. He shares what knots he uses, his preferences for barrel swivels, whether or not to use beads, soft plastic lure selection (including Pete's favorite colors) and more.

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